Thursday, March 4, 2010

Maintain your cool

Maintain no gain! Maintain no gain! Maintain no gain!

It's my new motto...I may have it embroidered onto a pillow. It's just that catchy.

I may blink tomorrow and see that the universe isn't that kind, but I did weigh in 1 lb lighter today. Certainly not what I expected from the scale gods. But yes, it's nearly official now that I am in a maintenance phase.

I want to lose the last 4 or 5 lbs, for sure, but I am just not that worried about when. Sometime before the summer perhaps. Right now it feels right to try to maintain where I am. I like where I am for the most part. I'm actually 5 lbs less than my original goal, so that's pretty good, methinks!

So here I go, portion control, keep snacking to a minimum, keep crap outta the house, drink water, eat fruits and veggies and EXERCISE!

Soon...I will post some after pics with my baggy-ass clothes from last spring (inspired by F Daddy on that one!). Then...maybe a pic that shows a little more skin (bow chicka wow wow), depending on how brave I am! I should really go buy a bathing suit. Eeeep. That's some scary shit right there. I'd almost rather subject myself to unnecessary dentistry.

That's all for now. I am going to revel in the afterglow of finishing report cards ON TIME (yeahhhh bitches!), and that it is Friday tomorrow. THANK GOD.



Shane P said...

Unnecessary dentistry? Damn it girl!! Even I would show some skin to get out of dental work and I look like a tall Jabba the Hut. One of the girls from the Dr.'s office told me today that the girls in the office said I was looking good and could tell that I was losing weight!! Oh me likey!! Report cards good for you bad for them! Have a great weekend my North Western neighbor!!

karen@fitnessjourney said...

Looking forward to your pictures!

Fat Daddy said...

Love it when you drop a pound and you did not expect to. Good luck on the maintain mode. I will be watching for what works for you that I might steal for me too.