Sunday, December 20, 2009

I took the plunge yesterday. That's right, *cue dramatic music* I did the Shred level THREE! It's a mix for me this level. Some moves are like, meh, not bad, and others are like HOLY CRAP ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! A couple things I just can't do. No way man. Walking push ups? Wha? Then this plank on dumbbells with raised leg thigamabobby. Hells no! So yeah, girly style for me for now. Still, this DVD continues to kick my sorry ass daily. Yesterday I wasn't home much, so I only biked before the Shred. Today, no bikey at all. :( We were out all day and I didn't work out until nearly 9pm. Still, red-faced and jelly-limbed after the workout is always good, right?

We had dinner at my friend Karen's place last night, and OMG does she make the BEST friggin chocolate chip cookies EVER. So I ate..hmm...four. Warm from the oven, gooey chocolate (the good kind too, Godiva chips for us- spolied!). So not super happy 'bout that, but I didn't snack all day and had just my three meals, so that's ok at least. Today wasn't fab either. I had a nice, healthy low-cal breakfast with a bowl of oatmeal, but then we hit the theater. The show we wanted was sold out, so we had to see the later show. While we waited for that one, we hit the mall. Lunch was pizza. Bad choice, missy! Then I had a bit of popcorn (really, not a lot) and a serving of those yummy swedish berries (11 is 140 cals). I tried to make up for that shit-fest of eating with a dinner of healthy choice chicken noodle soup and a few crackers with a salad. If that meal was 300 calories, I'd be surprised! Of course, now I am hungry. Damn. I am aiming for some normal, healthy meals from now until Christmas. I may not post a loss for this holiday, but I sure as hell don't want to gain!

Tomorrow I face the dreaded Shred level 3 again...and of course, a lil' bike action thrown in. At some point I have to get my ass out into the world and finsish Christmas shopping. FML. I hate not knowing what to get people!!

Hope everyone is having a holly jolly start to Christmas week!


karen@fitnessjourney said...

I had to laugh at your description of the Shred. Sometimes my trainer has me doing things that I would never attempt on my own. When I'm working out at home I have to imagine him standing over me looking all disappointed if I don't try some of his crazy moves.

Walking push-ups! Ouch!

Fat Daddy said...

This time of year is so damn hard! But the shred may be the very thing that helps you hold ground or even shed a pound or two. You are doing great to stick with it so much.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I just have to say you got me the wickedest present any weight loss sista could ask for.

Thanks again Tam!

Coley said...

I haven't moved to Level Three yet - and your description makes me think twice about it! I know I probably should have moved on by now, but I'm still getting good and out-of-breath on level two. I suppose I could experiment... ... ... sometime... haha!!

Your new pic over to the right there is HOTNESS!! You GO WOMAN! Daz my HIZ-O!!!!

TC said...

Coleyyy! Thanks babe :) You are so sweet! Yeah, level 3 is hard. You can always try and go back if it's not for you yet!