Friday, December 18, 2009

Shred Day 16- good, Shred Day 17- not so much

Greetings all! I am writing to you from the slightly less frigid venue of my classroom (thanks to the mild 10˚ Celsius we gots going on here- that's 50 for you 'Mericans). Shouldn't I be teaching, you ask? Why yes, probably! But, my class has voted to have "free time" vs. playing games or watching a movie. Lame! I will use this time to blog, of course.

I managed to bike and shred again last night, despite being uber tired and headachey. Doing a work out I hate with a headache (which I still have, btw...lingering bastard)! I pushed myself to bike before and I pushed even harder to do it after. Funny, but I biked 20 minutes total, and about 6 k, which is more than I was doing when biking 1/2 hr! Go figure.


Alrighty we've fast-forwarded a few hours here. It's now after 10 p.m. and I am completely exhaustified from shopping all day! I went out to the stores after work (about 2), then home around 5, out again for dinner, then to the mall for 3 hours. Man, that SUCKED. To top it off, we weren't home until nearly 9:30, so NO SHRED! AHHHHH! Ok, I feel bad. Bad. Bad. Bad. However, I do feel like my knees needed a break. I have been trying to take it easy on 'em, but a rest will be good, I think. I will bike and shred tomorrow.

I managed to shop a lil' for moi as well...hee hee. I tried on a bunch of skirts in 10s, and they fit PERFECTLY. So much so I was worried about stretching and further weight loss. The helpful, lovely salesgirl offered to get me the 8. EIGHT!? Ha! As if. She brought it back for me, and yup, totally fit. Well, a wee bit tight in the waist, but toatlly doable! Then I tried on a sweater in large...and thought hmm, I wonder about the medium. I tried the medium, hmm..seems pretty similar to the large. Fuck this, I'm trying the small! Lol, yup it fit too. No idea what these designers were thinkin' here, but whatever. It's a bit snug right now, but it will stretch a bit, and I'll have room to lose. Then I bought a very cute shirt in a medium. Nice.

Ok, so I have a clothes obession! I can't help it. Being able to shop at the "regular" stores is so awesome! Of course, reality check, some stores I can only fit their XL sizes.

In other news...


Be jealous. :)

Have a great weekend, peeps. Catch you in a couple days. Unless I get bored. :P


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I think my biggest problem with the Shred now is I'm getting bored with it. Yes I'm still sweating, yes it's getting easier...but I'm so booooored. I think I'm going to have to step it up to level three to keep me out of my bored. We'll see. Saw a preview of one of the exercises and I just don't know if it's going to be physically possible on my slippy slidey carpet.

Madame DeFarge said...

Enjoy you holidays and make the most of them in every respect