Monday, November 30, 2009

Shred Eve

Do you hear it? The ominous music? Like...the kind that accompanies the giant, fearsome shark sliding through the water towards its human prey...da dum....da dum....da dum. 

It's the SHRED! And it's coming for meeeee! Oh, and these chicks, too:

1) Amber (rockstar has started her shred already!)
2) Jessie
3) Coley
4) Lara (when her leg gets better!)

I am not sure if Tiffany is in or not, can't remember! If I've missed you, let me know! 

Tomorrow, I will post my pre-shred weights and measures. I will post a second set on the 15th and the last on the 31st. We'll see what changes may come! I'm excited/scared. 

A kind of odd NSV today. I nearly lost my ring TWICE today! They have been getting really loose, but I have been putting off getting them re-sized in case the fingers shrink some more. Can't put it off no more. I'd cry if I lost one of them! Two are my wedding and engagement rings, and the other is a ruby ring I bought in memory of my dad's passing. So the rings are now in a box, waiting to go to the jewelry store. My hands feel so naked. 

I also wanted to give a shout out to a new friend in weight-loss, Cory. He's not a blogger, but man, has he kicked some serious ass! This dude has lost about 40 lbs since July. He runs, like, 7 miles a day and lifts weights like a mo fo. He was very kind and gave me a lot of advice on how to kick my weight-loss into a higher gear. He's read a ton of books on the subject and is ex-military (and those guys know how to stay fit!). So thanks Cory, for being so helpful, and congrats on kicking butt and making that scale your bitch! Very inspiring! I wish I could go to the gym with you so you could show me the ways of the machines. :)

I guess I should mention that I was DOWN ONE POUND today! Could this plateau be over!??! I hope to fucking god it is! Enough already! Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, that I have gone from basically being able to do zero (girly) push-ups to doing 10 without shaking. Whoooo! Dare I say that, one day, I'll be able to do REAL PUSH UPS?!??! Holy Hannah, what a concept! 

I decided not to work out today since I will be blasting my bod for 30 days straight. Rest while you can, muscles, 'cause you be cryin' tomorrow! 

Wish me luck on Day One of the SHRED! 


Coley said...

Alas, you are not alone!! I will be paining myself, too! And I have high hopes for this - to kick me back into THE MODE and THE MINDSET!

I will do the same - record weight n stuff tomorrow, the 15th day and the 30th.

It's only 30 days, Co-cole, only... 30... days..

Shane P said...

Good Luck!!!!! Hope all goes well and you shred your way to your goal!!

Jessie said...

Good luck to everyone in the challenge! I am so nervous for myself. :) I will post my measurements tomorrow too. I have been meaning to take them anyways. All I know is I am chubby - if that is a measurement. :) Woohoo!

Lucas said...

OH I can't wait to see how this goes for you. I'm the type that needs new shit in order to stay motivated. How much is the program? Do you buy the DVD's? I needs me some info.

coloradosugar said...

Good luck and I will be reading your blog religiously!!:)

Anonymous said...

Down a pound, whoo-hooooo!!!! Your hard work has paid off again, you're awesome. Good luck with the new workout, great time to kick it up a notch. Love ya babe, Sarah
ps I can't do this properly for some reason!