Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Shred: Day One

So that was Day One? Not so bad, actually. Lol...come see me on day 19. I may be in tears. Yup, Shred was a success, even though I had to work out after work, which I HATE. But, sacrifices had to be made so I could go to the Keg for a b-day dinner. Steak: goooood. Yam fries: goood. Birthday cheesecake: reallllly goooood. How I feel now: not so goooood. I ate too much. I haven't done that in a while, so I'm not gonna go kicking myself over it (ok, maybe a small, baby kick). I am not relishing the idea of going to bed with a lump of food in my tummy. Ick. 

I promised some weights and measures, so here they are. UGH...don't really want to post them, but...here goes.

Chest: 42.5
Ribcage: 35.5
Waist: 33.5
Hips: 40
Upper Thigh: 24.5
Upper Arm: 12.5

Weight: 178 (before Keg steak dinner..now who knows?!?)

I will also take some before pics so we will have some comparisons for 1/2 way. 

Hope my fellow shredders enjoyed their time with Jillian today! 

Oh, interesting side note: I am using  only 5 lb free weights now after starting with a mix of 2.5 and 5. Tomorrow, I will see if I can get some 7.5 or so to use for some exercises. Yeah, buff girl on her way! 

Catch ya tomorrow, peeps! 


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

"Steak: goooood. Yam fries: goood. Birthday cheesecake: reallllly goooood. How I feel now: not so goooood."

Hahahaha...dude I could totally hear your voice saying that. Blah blah you'll get over the ONE NIGHT OUT. Seriously...one night...after my, what, three week benders? Yeah, you'll be fine! Plus you're shredding every day now so it'll all balance out.

Good luck with the super weights! There's no way I'm getting higher than the fives. I'm a weak ass upper arm type bitch. Yeeeaaah.

Coley said...

Finished Day Two today - although the jumping jacks were a bit better (wore tighter pants to support my wobbly bits from doing their own jumping jacks) that side to side lunge where you lift the weight to eye level - YOUCH!
I'm so glad that video isnt longer!
I am working with 5lb weights and I think that's just fine n dandy for me right now ;) You go, Xena Warrior Princess!

I didn't do measurements, but I will do photos!

Lucas said...

How long is the video? Just wondering if I could squeak it in before work or not.

And WAY TO GO on shredding it up! Keg dinner or not, you rock like Colorado!