Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shred Eve Eve...and a NSV

Helloooo! Helloooooooo? Anyone out there still reading me? I know it's been a while, but I haven't forgotten you. 

Since Wednesday, let's see...I worked out three of the five days, I finished my report cards and have NO NEW GRAY HAIRS! I gray hairs. :P

I can't believe it, but Tuesday is Day One of the Shredathon! Seems like it just snuck up on me here. Amber is all ready to start off tomorrow...girl's wasting no time! I hope all the bloggers who have expressed interest in shredding with us are ready to go. I am going to stay with level one for at least the first week, I think. It's less challenging now, but I am DREADING level 2. Gonna be SO HARD! 

OH! I went shopping yesterday and bought me a new pair of jeans at the good ol Gap. What size, you ask? Well, that would be a TEN...thank you very much for asking! Yeahhhh! I can't believe such a size is on my body right now. The ten fits SO much better than my 12s, but after wearing them for a bit, I am thinking I should have tried the 8's! Not that I think that is my true size in this or any other universe, but they do stretch, and I don't really want to buy a new pair in a month! Guess we'll see how long the 10s last. 

I also got to some thinking today. I know, such practice just leads to trouble, and I should avoid it, but I did decide something. My goal right now is 170, and I plan on getting there (hopefully sooner with the daily Shred). BUT once I am there, I think I'd like to take it down 10 more. I mean, totally subject to change since I am still basically 10 lbs from my goal right now. Who knows how I will feel when I get there? I just think with these new DVDs at my disposal (gonna go buy the Boot Camp one soon), and the shred on the horizon, I can do more. The big thing is that perhaps in a year or so, I may end up pregnant, and I'd feel A LOT better about that whole baby weight thing knowing I had a bit more of a buffer. Plus, being lighter, stronger and hopefully even healthier, will help me a lot with all the stress that would be on my body. Right? Right. Of course, I would try VERY hard to stay active and eat very healthy and NOT use it as an excuse to eat everything in sight. So there you go, possibly a new weight loss goal for me! 

Hope everyone is doing well, and you will stay tuned to see how I do with doing the Shred every day for THIRTY days! Ahhhh! 

Bye for now! Tomorrow....weigh in. 


Coley said...


Size 10.. seriously. And even the THOUGHT of an eight? Shiver me timbers. I'm so happy for you and yet so whiny because I wanna be therrre. Heck, I wanna be a 16!!
Very . VERY. Proud of you!
. Alright woman - SHRED TIME COMETH!

Shane P said...

Damn it girl!! You are just rocking the jeans!! Hopefully the shred will give you your desired results!! Congrats all around and glad your back in the shred of things. ;)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

So jealous of you and your damned skinny girl jeans! :)

This morning was....interesting. Nearly passed out while getting myself some grapes for breakfast after my workout. Oh yeah. Blog to come later.

Good luck with the Shred!!!! I know I'm going to need it...ugh!

Jessie said...

Skinny Girl Alert! :) Damn, I wish I was back in a size 10. GAP jeans aren't cheap neither, but hell, I'd drop $60 all day for a smaller size! :) I'm so proud of you!

Re: Shred - I guess I better unwrap my DVD, huh? :) I am nervous, but excited to have a challenge to do. Are we just doing 30 days straight through?

TC said...

Coley: I replied on your blog, but can't wait to shred with YOUUUU!

Shane: Thanks dude!