Thursday, November 19, 2009

Is it Saturday yet?!?!

Sorry to be MIA for a couple days. I am a baaad blogger. I've just been lazy and uninspired. My weight loss has stalled once changes. As one kind person pointed out, at least I am maintaining. True dat. I took a day of rest on Tuesday, the bike Wednesday, and the shred today. 

Yesterday was an "I feel fat day." I don't have any idea why I have these days! I just look in the mirror and think, yuck...fat. Or a less kind, holy heifer bat-man!  Then today, poof gone! I am thinkin' I look pretty darn good! Wha? Ok, crazy lady. Get back on yer meds. I wish I knew what made me change my thinking in a DAY. The only guess I have is my clothing. Sometimes clothes make me look slim, sometimes not so much. 

That aside, I am SOOO excited to be going out on Saturday! I am going to my friend Ross's metal show. Last time I saw them play was August! You can refresh your memory here, if you like. I am getting dolled up (think smokey eyes, straight hair and a slightly sexy black shirt) and doing a weeee bit of drinking with my friend Leanne. I know, calories! I will try to mitigate with less food that day, as I did last time. I don't want to quite go to the excess I did that night though. Wayyy too much booze and a nice hangover for my troubles. Interesting to note I was 191 at that 11 lbs down from there. Yeahh! Oh, and you KNOW there will be pictures...this is me we're talking about. 

Well, that's all for now. Guess you are caught up!


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Glad to hear you're not having another fat day! See things always get better. I have fat moments though...I'll look in the mirror and be like damn that's a big fatty mcfatterson...then I'll be doing my pilates and looking up at my legs and be all like, hells yeah look at them babies! Thus why I call myself Bipolar Betty. Yup.

Proud of you for keepin up so hard with your workouts! I know you've done it all before and all that but there's nothing wrong with a little more encouragement right?

Enjoy your Saturday night! Get lots of pics of Mr. Hottie! haha

Fat Daddy said...

I wish I could preach at you and say cutting back on food in order to compensate for alcohol in take is not the best thing to do...but then that would make me the old pot calling the kettle black since I have done that move a few times...especially when I was having my bloody mary phase back in August.

So instead I will just say have fun! And you know soon that scale will start moving again.

Madame DeFarge said...

You go and out and enjoy yourself. Don't be a slave to the weightloss. You look good and will continue to do so.

Tricia said...

Have fun!