Friday, August 21, 2009

About last night...

Ugh...I am sooo hung over people. I had a fantabulous time out watching the boys rip it up on stage and hanging with my girl, Lara though. I just overdid the whole booze thing. Oooops. I tried to mitigate the extra calories by working out and not eating a lot during the day. I know, sound nutritional stance. I had cereal for breakfast, and then a piece of whole grain toast with a skim coat of peanut butter and an applesauce cup. Dinner was a ham sammich  with lettuce and tomato. I started the drink-fest whilst getting ready, and continued while my friend got ready, and even on the sky train. Oy. And did I stop there? Nope! Why be smart? I had three drinks at the bar. One was a double. 

Needless to say when I returned home in the a.m. hours, I was still a mite drunkenly. Woke up to ride the porcelain bus at 6 a.m. Got back on that ride an hour or so after I woke up. No workout today. Ate a piece of toast around 3, and then just had pizza for dinner. Ohh yeah...that's right. I think my body may be wanting to stage some sort of revolt here after this! We'll see what the scale says tomorrow. Yikes. 

BUT as I said, fun was had by all, and as I! 

Just chillin' and waiting for some heavy metal bludgeoning

Lara...she be the bestest

Me again...nope not drunk at ALL. :)

My friend Trevor- we go wayyy back to elementary school!

Heavy metal make Tammy ANGRY!! (Ok, not really, just LOOKS like I am!)

My bud Ross. You will see him next half-naked and bloody.

Annnd there he is! The man, the machine....ReD Rum

That's Spoon in front. Awesome lead singer/grunter/screamer.

A little more of Rosser in his glory.

Spoon, up close and personal.

Blood looks cooler in b&w.

Spoon looked hot, so Big B was really doing him a favour.

Love this blur

This is a sort of "pants optional" band.


Love the intensity. Unhindered by pesky pants.

Yup, so that's My New Enemy live. They seriously rocked the house and had the ENTIRE bar up around the stage giving them love. I love watching them! Their Facebook link and MySpace, if you are interested in learning more. 

So no working out today, jebus no! Tomorrow, I hope I can get 'er done.  Wish me luck on that one. :) 

Stats for the (hungover) day:

Exercise: does getting off the couch to BARFOLA count??

Weight: 191 (we shall see tomorrow...eep)


Fat Daddy said...

Angry, barfing, bloody metal chicks....soooo sexy! Hope you are feeling better. Did you learn nothing from my drinking while dieting / treadmill post? I'm a light weight now (when it comes to drinking of course). You apparently are not. I just got out drunk by a girl...I kinda like that I think. I don't know why.

Carlos said...

awesome barftastic time!

TC said...

FD: You know, live to impress, so I am totally happy I have succeeded with you! Even if the road to success was paved with a little bit o'spewage. I am feeling mostly recovered, thank you. :) I'm sure my abused liver is leading that bodily revolt, though, so I will be on my guard.

Carlos: And how! I am a walking, talking cautionary tale.

TC said...

Oh, and Fat Daddy, that was the BEST exercise equipment erotica I have ever read. Hawwwt.. :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Haha! Love it! I'm going to be following suit, but waaaaaay more often, once I head home for three weeks. I can't wait. I got to miss the party train by a few years so I'm taking advantage now! lol

PS: Spoon = yuuuum....seriously drooling right now.

TC said...

UGWBH- You know those band pics were for you, girl! Spoon is hot, fo sho (real name is Spencer). :) Have fun with your debauchery!! Here's to making up for lost time, and NOT barfing!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I've only barfed twice...once when I drank about a gallon of vodka in two hours, and the second when I forgot how the little rhyme went (hoot before beer and you're in the clear, beer before hoot and you'll puke in your boots). Yup. I puked alright.

Spencer. Me likes lol

TC said...

UGWBH: Oooh yeah, that sounds bad. I've yarked from alcohol excesses way too many times to count! Mostly in my early 20s. Last time before this was my 25th b-day...for those keeping track that was TEN years ago! Love the rhyme. Want that one embroidered on a pillow!!