Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Never too lazy to curse the universe

Ahh lazy summer days. How I will miss thee as students rotate before me endlessly all needing me to educate them or some such thing. It's funny, actually, I am kind of like the kids when it comes to the start of school. Part of me looks forward to seeing the people, socializing etc. and part of me is like, noooo there's so much work to do! And House will be new! I have to watch HOUSSSSSE! And if I watch the curmudgeonly doc, I will feel guilty. Damn.  

I was railing against the universe today, which is something I do often. My poor mother got sick with a terrible sinus infection that has her face all blowed up and swollen in a most painful manner, which is bad enough in of itself. The kicker is she was supposed to babysit my friend Lara's son, so we could paint the town. No sitter, no town painting. Booooo. Then, in a flash of desperation-induced brilliance, I asked my sister for help, and the fabulous woman said YES! Don't you love it when someone surprises you with an AMAZING favour and just saves the fuckin' day!?!!? Thus, I am giving the universe a reprieve, for now. My plan is that I am going to get all done up and show off the new and improved curves. I will post pics fo sho...never fear. I will also be sure to get pics of my heavily tattooed friend Ross on stage and covered in fake blood for Ugly Girl with a Beautiful Heart. :)

I am also weirdly excited to take a ride on the new sky train built here for the Olympic Winter Games. It runs from my city to downtown Vancouver in 23 minutes, which is hella convenient for me! I loathe driving downtown with the traffic and icky parking situation. The pics I found online are teeny, but here it is, anyway! 

I know you are all terribly excited for me, and you most certainly aren't rolling your eyes and saying how I need some sort of life or to get out more. Not YOU dear readers. :) 

Despite my extreme case of the lazies, I did work out today. I ate cereal, turkey sammich with lettuce on whole grain bread, and banana for a snack. For dinner I had a smalll portion of smart fiber pasta with meat sauce (extra lean ground beef) made with Veggie Lovers Healthy Choice pasta sauce and added red bell peppers and onions. Did I mention this rockin' jar sauce has only 60 calories for 1/2 cup and ZERO fat? Niiice. It was tasy, but I didn't spice it up enough this time. :(

That just leaves

Stats for the Day

Exercise: 40 minutes

Weight: 191


*Fitcetera* said...
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Carlos said...

sounds like a good time can't wait to hear all about it!

Fat Daddy said...

Looking forward to a report on the town painting. Live it up a bit!

Madame DeFarge said...

Glad to see the weight loss is progressing. Sky train looks good. I can understand your excitement. Really I can :)

Tiffany said...

Glad it all worked out. Hope you guys have a great time.