Monday, August 17, 2009

Week 17 and a Weekend Update

Things have been going very well since Vegas in my world of weight loss...and then...there was the weekend. Mom's b-day and a BBQ get-together. Oyyyy. I don't feel like I over-ate in any way, but I know I ate more than I normally would...if that makes any sense. Didn't help that there was cake both nights (and I ate a small piece both nights). Ugh. But, that is life...and like it or not, I am in it. I really am not doing this to deprive myself from every perhaps "questionable" culinary experience out there (and by that, I mean the ones that taste really really good). I am trying to make better choices and to watch my portions. I am trying not to give into the mindless eating monster inside me that would sit in front of the TV and scarf an entire bag of chips. That monster is dead, I am almost certain. An old friend from school asked me yesterday what big changes I've made that just seem a part of my life now, and I said not snacking on crap. I really don't do that anymore! If I am hungry in the day, I will eat something healthy or nothing at all. 

So let's see what food fun I had on Sat. It was my first day tutoring, and the sister of my tutee (who I also used to tutor) wanted to buy me "breakfast" at the Bread Garden. I didn't eat my cereal, and when I arrived I decided a chocolate chip muffin wouldn't hurt (hahahaha). My tutee went off to get it and came back with a hot chocolate. Um. Hmm. His sister gave him heck and explained I really wanted a muffin. Did I mention English is not his first language? So I ended up with a muffin and a hot chocolate. With whipped cream. Oy. I drank most of the hot chocolate, and picked at the muffin throughout the 1.5 hr lesson. I ate most of it. Afterwards I felt SO full and bloated and icky. I got home after 12, but I didn't feel like eating lunch. I figured I had enough calories to count for breakfast and lunch. Still, I hate to skip meals, and I really hate to have only ingested crap. Sigh. Dinner was at the Olive Garden, and I ordered plain old spaghetti with meat sauce. I didn't eat all of it, but the portion was small, so I ate a bit more than half. I had salad and two breadsticks as well. Hey, I was HUNGRY after that whole no lunch crap. So not great. Then there was cake. Mmmm....milk chocolate mousse cake. I had a small piece, as I said. And, um, did I mention that I didn't work out on Saturday either? Eeeeep.

This is the cake. OMG.

My sweet little niece...she rocks (ask her if you don't believe me!)

Jason has a monkey on his back

Me and my sis. No resemblance here! 

Oh, and note the laminate floor visible in pic #2. Yeah, that's the SOB that nearly crippled me! 

Then Sunday...cereal and vegetable soup for breakfast and lunch respectively. I made certain to work out this day. At the BBQ I had some veggie chips (56 chips=250 cal...wozers) and one tortilla chip. With the veggie chips I sampled a smidgen of hummus and tzatziki. Dinner was hamburgers, chicken, ribs, and tortellini. I had a hamburger and a tiny bit of the pasta. Later I ate a teensy piece of chicken, just to try it. Yum. I also had some raw veggies and a wee spoonful of spinach and artichoke dip. Then there was cake again. I had a piece. 

Today, I have had cereal and soup again, and we are having mashed potatoes, turkey and salad for dinner. I did my workout early today, so it's DONE. It would be great to walk later. We'll see. 

The good news is I have dropped a few pounds this week! Yay! The scale didn't spit in my eye this morning, as I feared it would. 

Hope everyone had a happy, relaxing weekend! 

Stats for the day: 

Weight: 191

Exercise: 40 min. 


Carlos said...

way to rock the bbq... and the scale... nice floor!

Fat Daddy said...

Tammy you are just doing great. Keep rockin'.

no resemblance at all...none...not a bit.

TC said...

Carlos: You are very generous to say I "rocked" the BBQ! And I still hate that floor with a burning passion. :)

Fat Daddy: Thanks! You shoulda seen us as kids. We were 11 months apart, and I caught up to her in height around age 4, and my mom always dressed us alike, so people thought we were twins!