Thursday, August 13, 2009

Crunching Numbers...mmm....tasty

Plus sizes can KISS MY LESS-FAT ASS! I can't fit in 'em anymore! Woo hoo! The plus 14 is just too darn big in the stores I go to (ahem, used to go to). That being said, I must now live in limbo-land where I still struggle to fit into "regular" sizes in some stores, but can't wear the plus. Dammmmn. Hoping this limbo stopover will be short. I went to a store that carries a large variety of  sizes and realized just how different plus-sizes fit from regular sizing. I put on a size 14 top and squeeeezed myself in. Lol...stupid boobs never fit button-down tops. But, the waist area fits fairly well, so I bought it anyway. I will shrink into it better in the coming months. :) 

The numbers do mean a lot to some people, though (and some are in huge denial as to what size they truly are!). I could feel depressed at squeezing into a 14 when I just got done figuring I couldn't fit a 14 anymore, but I really don't feel that way. I get that plus-sizes are larger...and I'm ok with the numbers. I know there are people who have a number in their heads and they will do their utmost to fit into that number in every store (muffin tops, camel toe and back fat be damned). I think I will just try on lots of sizes and see what works. If it's a large in one store and an XL in another, oh freakin' well! If I can fit a 12 here, but spill outta a 14 be it.  I just want my clothes to look good on me. I can rip out the darn tag anyway. 

I hear people say they want to be a size 6 or 8 or whatever, and I just KNOW I will never be that size, and frankly that is just fine by me! I am a tall girl, so a 12/13 looks darn good on me. Anyway, we shall see what size I end up in 20 lbs. I want to be 173 eventually. That puts my BMI at under 25. 

In other news...I ate pretty well today, with some fruit and veg thrown in. I still need to drink more water though.'s hard to do! I did better when I was working for some reason. I am still trying to be very aware of portion sizes because that was my great flab-inducing downfall before. Smart girl that I was, chowing down on the same amount of food as my giant of a husband. Yeesh. 

I also took a lovely walk with my neighbour Leanne, who is also on a weight-loss journey (Hey Leanne...if you are reading!). She's doing really well and looks great. :)

Hope all you bloggy friends are hangin' in and enjoying your summer! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 193 (oh-so close to 192!)

Exercise: 45 min. 


Fat Daddy said...

I'm not hung up on a certain size, but damn it feels good to drop one every now and then...and to be out of big and tall? That would be so awesome.

You're doing great! Walking partners sure make it easier to stick with it.

Anonymous said...

You're awesome Tammy!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of you. Hope we get a shopping trip in the fall. love ya....Sarah