Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Happy Hump Day! As a current non-worker and non-productive member of society, hump day is pretty meaningless to me, but perhaps the rest of you can take some joy in the week being nearly over. 

Before I forget, could someone, anyone tell me what NSV means? I've been wracking my poor, unused brain, but I got nothin. Thanks in advance. :) Then there's the equally cryptic OTK. 

It seems like August is going on fast-forward. The last few weeks of my vacation are going by in a blurrrr. Lots going on, and more to come. I start a tutoring job on Sat. morning...extra money! Woo hoo! I'm getting $45 for 1.5 hrs, and I think I'll get a t least 10 sessions outta him. $450!! Cue music for my happy dance. My mom's 60th is also Saturday (hello Olive Garden with your neverending evil salad and malevolent breadsticks, how I loathe you) and then a elementary school reunion BBQ on Sunday. So two culinary land mines to navigate this weekend. Jealous? (Speaking of culinary land mines...I just came across a recipe for brownies covered in COOKIE DOUGH!! WTF? Is someone out there trying to KILL me??!! Why does such a thing need to exist? Torture?!? Yeesh!) Then next week I get to see my friend's metal band play a gig in Vancouver. Can't wait! This guy is a true original. He is getting his face done up like a skull and then covering himself with blood. And did I mention he has his entire upper body covered in tattoos? Lol...I really gotta post a pic for you to get the true horror. THEN I will be heading south to Long Beach. *Phew* Tired already.

So wish me luck, my bloggy friends. I will do my best so suck the joy of freedom from every last day of this month! 

I am super excited to see that the scale is on this nice downward movement right now. I may hit 190 by next week! I am really trying to eat better these days, especially considering the weekend I have coming. Today was cereal, turkey sammich on whole wheat bun with lettuce and tomato and a bit of beef noodle soup, chicken dog with salad and 1/2 c baked beans. Tomorrow, more fruit!! 

Ahh that was such a lovely, disjointed post. So proud. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 193 (loveitloveitloveitloveit!)

Exercise: 40 min 


Syl said...

NSV = Non-Scale Victory
Translated means you did something great and accomplished something without it being the weigh on your scale.

Carlos said...

OTK on the crab. from deadliest catch means doing well WL wise. use in place of OP and yes i know that crab isn't spelled with a K but didn't want to ever confuse it with OTC!

Diane, Fit to the Finish said...

Awesome job on your weight loss! You and I are similiar in height. When I started my journey I weighed 305 pounds. Losing my weight was the best thing I ever did.

Keep up the good work!

TC said...

Syl: THANK you! I feel sooo much more in the know now. :)

Carlos: LOL! Why didn't I think of that...and I watch that show too.

Diane: Thanks very much! Your weight loss is amazing! I'm checking out your site right now. :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Your band friend...sounds hot lol I want to see pics!

TC said...

UGWBH: I would send ya one or two, but I can't use your email link (outlook doesn't work on my laptop!). He's a sight to behold, that's for sure!

Fat Daddy said...

You're kicking so much butt right now. Enjoy Long Beach!

Tiffany said...

Good job on the loss. Hopefully I'll start seeing some of those soon.

I LOVE the Olive Garden. Thankfully the closest one to me is 3 hours away.

Good luck avoiding evil temptation.

TC said...

Fat Daddy: It FEELS like I am kicking butt right now! I get sooo frustrated with the plateaus, and these moments are so few and far between when it feels like the number is going downnnn, so I am going to ENJOY the feeling!

Tiffany: You will see it FOR SURE...and thanks for the luck against the evil, I need it!