Monday, November 16, 2009

Abiding and fixed regularity and further riveting tales of sameness

My weigh in this morning was boringly predictable. Care to hazard a guess? Could it be....NO CHANGE? Yes, that would be it. I blame the fact that my body seems to like to stay the same weight for a while, AND the stupid Nanaimo bars that have NOT LEFT MY HOUSE! 

Of course, being the foolish, prideful woman that I am, I decided I HAD to make them properly. It was just so wrong that they didn't turn out! I had the base from the overflow of my first batch, so I just had to do the icing and melt some chocolate. Second time was a charm! Worked great...delicious confections. Problem: adding a second pan of evil to my household. That night I ate THREE little pieces. I tried to convince myself that it was the same as eating one large piece, like you'd get at the bakery. Then, for the past few days, I've had a piece after dinner. DAMMIT. I don't want them in my house!! I have decided they are off the menu. No more. NO MORE. Damn their deliciousness. 

I have been working out though. Sat, Sun and tonight alternating the shred with bike. I am happy to report one of my "viral shredding" victims did their first workout, and LOVED it. Hurting now, but she's ready for more, and to get better at it down the road. Very cool! I also bullied my ex from high school into getting back on his bowflex. Lol, watch out...I am now an exercise pusher. I also got my friend Lara doing another bootcamp DVD from the Biggest Loser trainers as well. She is feeling the pain pretty well too. Why does that make me sooo happy? Guess I'm just sweet that way. I like to share the suffering. :)

So I am frustrated to be the same weight for two weeks in a row, but I know eating friggin' squares of fat and sugar surely didn't help. Dumbass. 

Going to keep on's all I can do. 


Shane P said...

I will email you my address and you can mail me the rest and I will take one for the team. I don't need it either but there has to be someone willing to throw themselves on Satan's Confections!! Just keep shredding!! The scale will see it your way!! I predict a loss on your next visit and then you can tell the scales to SUCK IT!!!! :)

Terri said...

Yep, just keep the exercise up. Try to have the will power not to eat those bars.....but I totally understand. I have NO willpower. Hmm.

Anonymous said...

Yumm, nanaimo bars! Brian loves those and I've learned my lesson and never make them. Every now and then he buys a small package with about 6 pieces from Thrifty's, he eats 4, the girls share 1, I eat 1. No leftovers! Good for you for the punishing workouts....keep it up! Sarah

Coley said...

Dude, I think just three squares is quite awesome. As you know, as you get closer to your goal weight, it's gonna be hard to get those last few pounds off! It's gonna take upping the ante! I really think you should be proud of yourself - NOT gaining in two weeks is awesome! For the way that we've lived our lives the past few years allowing ourselves to get heavier - we should celebrate our ability to be "normal" with food - and that includes maintaining! You will drop more weight - so many bodies do that, stay the same, stay th same and suddenly the last week of the month, they drop 5 lbs! I know you've got this girl :) Chin up, focus on those positives!
A normal person would have a few peices. An obsese person would have half the pan!

TC said...

Aww Shane, what a huge sacrifice you are willing to make on my behalf! You are so thoughtful. :) I like your prediction though. I will do my best to make it happen!

Terri: You got it...willpower ACTIVATED! I am not eating one more of those damned squares.

Sarah: Smart woman not making them! I thought I'd have them out of my house! Alas, no. Figures.

Coley: I know what you are saying, girl. I guess I have been so good with not eating junk any slip ups weigh on me (figuratively and friggin' LITERALLY). Part of my is that I don't have stuff in the house usually! I don't have to exercise willpower if it isn't there. This is a good wake-up call. Have to resist what's in front of me. It's so not worth it!!!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

It'll get better! I promise!

PS: I got volentold to bake some cookies for the reptile and amphibian society's christmas party. Lord almighty!

coloradosugar said...

Hello!:) I think it is soooo cool that you have stuck with it and lost so much weight!! Congrats! The scale WILL move again, so you can lose the last 10..hang in there. I had started my blog out as an open relationship thing, but now it's a divorce, weight loss thing I guess. I have a lot to lose and believe me, it's not going anywhere at the moment.:( I need to work harder for sure.

TC said...

Ms. Sugar! Wow, great to see you back! :) Yup, lost a little weight here. You should join us on our SHRED!! let me know at if you are interested. :)

Tricia said...

My weight seems to stay the same for a couple of weeks then drop for a couple then the pattern repeats. If I know I'm eating right and working out then I try not to stress it.

Good luck!

TC said...

Glad I am not the only one Tricia! That helps to know. :)