Saturday, October 31, 2009

Why a woman almost got squished today...

I am bored. I am hungry. Bad combination. I just want to eat everything in the cupboard. I haven't worked out yet. 

Mostly,  along with the hungry/lazy, I am still internally ranting over an encounter I had at the Bread Garden today. I was in line to order my tasty spiced chai tea (no milk in this stuff, but still good), and this tiny woman walks in and just goes in front of me! When the next barista was available, she pipes up to pay for her coffee. 

I think: Um, excuse me, rude much
I say: "I was actually waiting in line here." 

Stupid little bitchface turns to me and says, "I actually pre-ordered, and I need to pay. I am late for work." 

I think: Oh, you pre-ordered! You are late for work! Why didn't you say so! Oh, my yes, please jump in front of me! Your time is so very obviously more precious than mine! Ohh I was not impressed. 
I say: "Well, it looks to me like you just jumped the line." I think: Don't make me step on you tiny person

The barista is now looking at us all confused,  and miss pushy-pants is trying to give her her debit card, so I say: "Go ahead and help her, it's obviously really important." 

Arg! What I really wanted to say was, "Why the heck did you STOP FOR COFFEE if  you are LATE FOR WORK!?!? Are you that fucking stupid/addicted to caffeine?!?" Also, "Regardless if you called in your freaking order or not, if there is a lineup at the counter, you WAIT in line!! What, are you new?!?"

There it is.  My fruitless rage against stupid, rude people. 

Don't worry, I will work out today, and I won't eat the contents of my cupboard. Oh, and I will get over my impotent rage. Honest.


Whispering Writer said...

People like that ... GRR. I just don't have the self control to put together a coherent sentence! How very rude.
I know what you mean about wanting to eat everything in the cupboard... I am there too and not so restrained as you seem to be.
Keep strong.

~ Becky

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

hehehehe...I wish you'd have stomped on her...and had video...cuz I'd love to see that shit!

TC said...

Becky: I tried to respond via email, but it failed! Here's what I wrote:

Hi Becky! Thanks for your comment. :) I LOVE your idea of the competition between you and your hubby. I am sooo rooting for Team Becky! (Sorry to your man, but we girlies have to stick together!). Hope the cupboards didn't get you too badly. I ate a 250 calorie meal replacement bar ('cause it was chocolate) and drew the line. Actually it was more like my hubs came home and we were able to start dinner right away! SAVED!

Carlos said...

i try to take a zen type approach with douchebags... doesn't always work

Madame DeFarge said...

Good to get it off your chest. In a manner of speaking.

Coley said...

Ugh, entitled people. We're all in this world together - have some class! Ugh, how irritating. She could have politely explained as she walked by you... but no, she's so special because she PREordered by phone. Yeah, but you prewalked in.

Fat Daddy said...

I always thought it would be effective to spill 9000 degree coffee on the person who pisses you off. "sorry miss, I did not see you line jumping me. I'm sure those scars on your nasty head will heal."

TC said...

Coley: Oh my, that's funny! I was JUST commenting on your last post, and here you were commenting on mine! I DID prewalk in! LOL! Love that. :)

Shane P said...

I quess I would have had to pimp slap her into next week!! You done good! Next time you may want to count to ten by twos though just in case! ;) Like the new profile pic, then again I liked the other one too. Have an awesome week!!