Sunday, November 1, 2009

Girl with the pearl earring...move on over!

I don't normally post on a Sunday, but hey, gonna walk on the wild side here. Plus, I may not get a chance tomorrow due to my MIL's b-day dinner. Mmm Greek food! 

I am very proud to report that I didn't eat even ONE piece of Halloween candy this year. Yeahh! I wish this was due to superhuman feats of willpower, but it was rather the lack of exposure to said sugary badness. For some reason, the gods of weight loss were smiling upon me and set not a single piece in my path! Luckily, too, we don't get trick-or-treaters here, so no need to buy that shit and have it in the house! Bonus! 

The scale is still stuck on repeat, as expected. Yay. But, I am working out, eating well. My cupboard ransacking hunger craze yesterday only resulted in me eating a 250 calorie meal-replacement bar, so it could have been worse! 

Oh, and check out this coolness. Today at the mall the husband and I were getting lunch, and I was across the food fair from him (went to Subway and tried the flatbread- and Jessie's right, totally tasty!). When I got back to the table, he says to me, "You know, I didn't see you over there at first. I looked right at you and didn't recognize you from behind! It wasn't until I saw your Beatles bag, that I realized it was you. You look so THIN!" 

I just looked at him with this big smile. What a cool thing for him to tell me! He's said before that he'll just look at me and almost be stunned at how different I look. I love that he constantly tells me that he has always thought I looked good. :) Mega brownie points for him! 

I also did something rather impulsive today. I have not been able to wear earrings for quite some time now. I decided in my 20s that I didn't like my ears, or the way earrings look in them. I let the holes grow over and haven't really thought of it since. Today, I saw some cute earrings and thought, hey, I kinda wish I could wear these. Now, I coulda gone all hardcore and just shoved those suckers onto my ears....but I'm not so big with the self-inflicted pain. We decided to just search the mall for an ear-piercing place and do that shit right. 

Et viola! 

(Hint: check out the ear)

I should be able to wear different earrings by x-mas. Helloooo Christmas presents! I have to say I wouldn't have done this 40 lbs ago. My feeling is that it's confidence. I am feeling WAYYY more confident in how I look these days, so it seemed silly to me to be hung up on my perceived ear-flaws when I just wanted to wear cute earrings! Jason said he's noticed a definite increase in the confidence area. I would say this is a definite NSV! 

Here's to a good week...full of healthy food and exercise! 


Shane P said...

Hubs is scoring some major brownie points! I used to tell my wife that too. Glad to hear you made it through the holiday without getting hit with any chocolate shrapnel! :) The earring is cute and so are the ears! I wish you continued success!!

Jessie said...

Pretty girl!!!

#1 Your ears are adorbs. I'm mad that you would ever think otherwise. FUMING!!! :)
#2 I love your husband. Sweetie!
#3 Wasn't I spot-on with the Flatbread? Did you get the veggie delight?
#4 Have a great week, woman!

Coley said...

Ok seriously, your ears are adorable and perfect - and those tiny little studs in there are the sweetest!! I love earrings and have an obscene amount of them. I feel like when I wear big ones, they make my face look smaller in comparison - HAHA!!
THat's soooooooooooo awesome about what DH said about not recognizing you! That's the coolest thing. My DH NEVER notices :( I guess I need to lose more and maybe he will, but he just says stuff like "I see you everday..." - I hope I have one of those moments in the coming months. Heck, it's so cool I'm gonna workout to the thought! lol

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Cute lobes! 80 lbs ago I never would have worn that ref dress. Seriously confidence makes aaaaall the difference. You look fab!

Carlos said...

way to pierce those ears... i hope you rewarded the husband for his good deed!

TC said...

Shane: Thanks, mister! You say the nicest things. :) Hope your Halloween went well, too!

Coley: Ahh an insight into the madness that is Coley: earring fetish! I'll bet your hub will see a difference soon! Honestly, it took J a LONG time to notice. I'd show him clothing all big and baggy and he'd be surprised a bit. It's only lately that he's been noticing. I guess 40 was the "magic" number. As for my ears, thanks for the compliment! You can't really see it in the pic, and the other ear is worse, but they have this weird thing where they kinda flip up, so many earrings just don't sit right on them. I got fed up with it and didn't bother anymore. But I'm back baby! :)

Fat Daddy said...

it's amazing how feeling better about yourself makes you more confident. Your new ear rings look good. and now your hub has a direction to go to for christmas.

Candice said...

So pretty! Love the new earrings as well.

Anonymous said...

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