Friday, October 30, 2009

Which witch is which witch?

Today was SO FUN! I got to dress up in my witch's costume and get stared at all day! Lol, seriously, it's hilarious to see the kids faces as they encounter me. Invariably, I get a few, "Mrs. C, is that YOU?" Considering the makeup takes five minutes to do, it's a great reaction. I add to the costume every year, so it's just getting better and better. I started with the wig and hat, added the gloves, then the cape, then the stockings this year. Next year? Who knows!

The whole ensemble

Close-up with a lil' bit of Boris the spider

Close up of the makeup

Playing with the settings

Well, this witchy-woman is still weighing in at 180. Past experience tells me I will stick here for a bit. The ol' bod let go of those 5 lbs in less than a week, and now it's due to get really miserly and hold onto the poundage. I just pray that I don't end up with another month-long plateau! Better go sacrifice another small animal to the weight-loss gods just to be sure. Hmm...althoughhh...since they are gods of weight loss, maybe they'd prefer a nice twinkie sacrifice. Those things are pretty evil anyway, right?

I have to say am a disappointed girl today. I was hoping to accompany my friend as she enjoyed her kick-ass b-day gift from work. The radio station she works for gave her $400 for an exclusive boutique hotel in downtown Vancouver. The plan was to get a room and have dinner at the fancy hotel restaurant. No go though. Halloween festivities have booked the restaurant solid, and they want, like, $700 for a room tonight. Greedy bastards. I hope we can make it work out! We were gonna get all dressed up and hit a club too. Pout. 

Did I mention that I am afraid to shop in strange stores? (And by strange I don't mean stores that carry strange things, like two-headed moose, or cadaver toe tags.) I'm sure some of you "losers" out there feel the same way. I am used to NOTHING fitting me in "regular" stores. Now, I am smaller, but I still fear that I will pick up the largest size, and it still won't fit. That's just a frustrating and depressing fact I need not know at this time! I am trying to hit one or two new stores here and there. The Gap is a new one for me. I know they have bigger sizes, but I never bothered before. Guess we'll see what happens in the next new store. BE BRAVE TAMMY!

Ok, that's all for now. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday, and a spooktacular Halloween!

Here's a silly little poem I wrote for y'all. :)

 Beware witches and goblins and what BUMPS in the night! 
 The ghosties and ghoulies will give you a fright! 

 Take caution, be safe and ever aware
 Of things that can give you a Halloween scare

If you see in the dark a glow all ghostly white
Simply run, my dearies, and duck out of sight

If you hear the the moaning of some shambling thing
Speed away, get far from that terrible din

If you take care to not let out a cry
Those beastly creatures will pass you by

But if you do slip out a frightened peep
Back over to you those apparitions will creep

They'll give life to your most blood-curdling nightmare
So beware this night, my dearies, beware! 


Fat Daddy said...

you are one hot witch! Your students must think you are the cooliest.

I have not shopped yet at the regular peoples store yet, because I have been living off my old stuf, but soon i will have to do brave that world too.

Awesome pics and awesome post.

Shane P said...

Another excellent post!! I have to agree with FD if Dorothy's witch had looked like you I might want to visit OZ!! I hope the scale GODs are pleased with your sacrifice and you see some slippage on your next visit!!! Awesome poem BTW!

P.S. Three words fit my shopping "King Size Catalog"!! :)

TC said...

Shane: Lol! Thanks! What a nice thing to say. You guys surely do know how to make a witch feel good! I may not even turn anyone into a frog today, I'm feeling so good. :) I also hope the gods are pleased. Not today though...but that's ok.

Carlos said...

love the hot/creepy line you straddle, witchy-poo!

Candice said...

You look great, and the costume is wonderful!

The spider web gloves kind of freak me out a litle, but that's okay. ;)

Lucas said...

I think your witch might just kick my witches ASS! You look awesome! And you and I are right around the same.......5'10" and 180 pounds. Might just be twins all around. :) Thank for stopping by. I'll be back to check on you.