Monday, October 26, 2009

Much ado about a lot of stuff (sorry to Will S. on that one!)

Oh my much to say! 

I had a GREAT weekend of hanging out with friends, going to the mall buying clothes, watching a movie. You know, my favourite things. But, there was some bad mixed in there. 

Bad #1: I didn't work out Saturday OR Sunday. Lazy, lazy.

Bad #2: For some reason I was possessed by a demon whilst passing by Mrs. Field's in the mall, and instead of buying TWO mini cookies to splurge on, I bought SIX. Frickin' A. I told the lady two semi-sweet, and then she was like, "And?" So I felt COMPELLED to mumble out four more. It's six for $2 something, blah blah blah. So I figured, no problem, I'll just share with my friends who were meeting me. I ate two. Mmm so good. Then ok, I'll eat one more and leave three. Then, well, there's two of them, so who would eat the third? I did, of course. Fuckity. So I tried to give the other two to my friend, and she said, "Later". Later didn't come, and I ended up driving home with those little fuckers in their stupid paper bag. YES. I ate them. I ended up eating all six of those stupid tiny cookies. I was trying to figure out if that'd be the equivalent of two normal-sized cookies. Maybe 2.5. Ugh. 

Anyway, in the grand scheme, not a really big deal, right? I just hate to slide backwards after that interminable freakin' plateau. 

Ok, what else? 

Some good! 

Good #1: I bought size 12 jeans at the Gap! Woo hoo! They say 31 waist, but that's a big fat laugh. Mine's 34.5 these days, and I fit in 'em! I could never wear their jeans before because they don't make size 14 or 16 in long. Nope, only the 12s. Happy day for me on Saturday when I tried on the 12s and they fit! Woo hoo! As my flogger friends say, it's a NSV (non-scale victory). That's the second store in which I can buy a size 12 jean (first being Old Navy). 

Good #2:  New award! I got this from the fantastic and beautiful (seriously, go look at the girl) Coley at Sugar Shakes.  

I think the dealio is to pass it on to five people and tell six things people don't know about me. Hmmm. The five people is easy. The six things, not so much! I am pretty much an open book, and not that interesting! Lol...honest. Ok, I try.

1. I wore my PJs to work today. No really. 

See? Ok, it was Spirit Week at school, and I think it's important for teachers to show their school spirit and participate in this stuff. I decided my sock monkey should accompany me because, well, he's awesome.

2. I like teenagers (not in a creepy pedophile-ish way, ya freaks). I enjoy teaching my students, talking to them and getting to know them. Sure, some can be idiots, but so can a lot of adults. I think they deserve a lot more credit than they get. 

3. Guys may think big boobs are fabulous, but I find them annoying and burdensome! I am so going under the knife one of these days. Clothes don't fit properly, back hurts, and I have permanent shoulder grooves. Yeahh....that's sexy.

4. I have a lot of grammar pet peeves. It bugs the ever loving shit out of me that, for some reason, people on the internet can't figure out the difference between:

SERIOUSLY NOW! I learned this shit in elementary school!! I know I murder the language pretty well, but I do so with full knowledge of the rules. If I make a grammatical mistake, it's usually a stylistic choice. Not to say that I am perfect! Far from it. I rarely, if ever, proofread anything I write on here, either. This stuff is just so. Very. Basic. Oh, and please, for the love of Pete, NEVER put a comma in front of because! 

5. I am super anal about taking the most direct routes to places. I hate the idea of backtracking or going a way that has more lights than another. I know. Weird.

6. I have eaten the same cereal every morning for seven months. What can I say? It's just that good. That's the Kashi Go Lean Crunch, btw. 

PHEW! That was hard. Hubs tried to get me to put "good in the sack" as #1. Thanks babe. 

So onto my five beautiful blogging peeps. The lovely ladies from:

Last, but not least...Good #3: A new follower! Welcome to Sugar-Free Cupcake! I don't have a link just yet. I thought I checked out her blog, but I don't see it added to my list, and now I don't see a blog listed. Maybe I dreamed said blog? Hmm. Sugar-Free, if you read this, do you have a blog I can link to?!? 

Ok, I am off to work out. Seriously needed at this point! 


Work out done! Felt good...hahaha. Actually, I think my body does miss the exercise when I don't work out. Traitor. 


Shane P said...

Thanks for the insight! I loved it! Cute PJ's. I understand your hangups on grammar. I spend more time proofreading my blogs and comments than I do writing them. I just hate for someone to think I am an idiot! I think your number three should be a sin to do but that is strictly a mans pov and I totally understand why you would do it. :) Congrats on the jeans I can totally relate. I just hope to get out sweatpants one day. :( Good Job!!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Aw thanks hon! I've been completely horrible at keeping my blog up to date but that will change when I get back home. Pictures of my trip to come, and yes my boots as well! I'm holding onto your comment in my e-mail so I can pass on the award!

Fat Daddy said...

No more Mrs. Fields!!! Good God, keep me away from the cookies.

I like your blog choices and your six tidbits. I must say I really don't like teenagers though...even though I have 2. I sorta like them...sometimes. Well I love them anyways, and that is largely why they are still alive!

And I like your word pet peeve. I am with you 100% Take the time to read what you write already! Hopefully I don't have any typos after that statement.

Carlos said...

I wish I could work at you're job. Id love two wear my pjs to...

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Hi its Sugar Free..and I do have a blog
I would love a visit (don't we all love visitors?)

And don't be too hard on yourself about the cookies. It happened and you can't change that but you can change what you do the next time!!