Friday, October 23, 2009

Do you wanna know?

So sorry to have kept you waiting for the news. I know you've been suffering. The anticipation...that pins and needles feeling zipping through your body. You've been thinking nothing else since last night. Did she? Did she lose weight after this lonnnng month? Will she finally stop whining about this stupid plateau?!?? 

Ok then! I think I can officially say that I have


Holy crap on toast, it has finally happened! The scale confirmed this morn that it wasn't, in fact, being a sneaky, lying, dirty bastard after all! I do believe I am now 183 lbs. 

All I can say is PHEW!! So glad that interminable plateau is finally done! Kaput! Finito! OVER! 

To celebrate, I am posting some pics to update y'all on my progress. My dear friend, Troy, has offered to photoshop me up some fancy side-by-sides, but I have yet to get my shit together and send him the pics. 'Till then this is what you get. 

But before we get there, I'd like to extend a warm welcome to my latest follower, this  hardworking gal who is only 15 lbs (maybe less now!) from her goal weight! Yay for you! You look awesome, my dear! You all probably already know her since she has a great many lovely followers. I am glad to be among them now to catch this last part of her journey. :)

Did I say pictures? Here they are! 

One of my new "work outfits." Oh the purple. 

Hmmm. Wrinkly. FD you got somethin' for that? :P

Uh oh, purple shirt gone!  (I know, tragic)

This was hard to post. Um yeah. Still have some poundage to go! 

Got tired of taking own pictures. Oh, and another wardrobe change! 

Last one....gotta do the side view! Annd we found the flash, I see! 


Fat[free]Me said...

I think you look totally gorgeous - if you never lose another pound in your life you will be one very attractive woman. But, heck, I know you wanna look even hotter (if that is possible), so I am glad the evil plateau is over - woo-hoo!

And thanks for making me cry this morning, when I realised who you were talking about in this post, lol.

Fat Daddy said...

Damn Tam! You broke through!!! Yay!!!
And you rock those look great! And

And compared to my 90's era shirts, those are not wrinkles. But I will gladly send you that iron I'm not using anymore for those wrinkles if you like.


Tiffany said...

You look amazing! Tall, lean and beautiful!

Shane P said...

Good job!!! Glad the scales seen it your way! Great pictures! You husband is a very lucky man. I wish you continued success and unwavering dedication. :)

TC said...

Thanks Shane! What a lovely compliment. :) I'm doing my best on the dedication thing. 12 lbs to go!

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Congrats on getting past the plateau. Its so frustrating but you pushed through and didn't give up so good for you!!

Madame DeFarge said...

Looking good. congrats on passing the plateau.

Carlos said...

kick ass... way to pound through that plateau

Jessie said...

Sexy Mama!!!! WOOOHOOOO on the loss!!!

Coley said...

Oh em gee, girl. You look SOOO amazing!!! You look so SKINNY!!!! Sigh... boohoo I wanna join you in hot chick land!! Keep it up, the 180's, sigh, wow. I don't even REMEMBER in this lifetime being under 185! I bet you feel amazing - congrats!!

TC said...

Thanks Coley :) I appreciate that a LOT! I am getting there for sure. You, my dear are ALREADY a hot chick! You are just working on becoming even more smokin'. God, seems criminal! :)