Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The not-so-secret of my success

Can I just tell you that I did a big, internal WOO HOO this morning when the scale read 181!! (internal because the husband was sleeping...so very thoughtful I am) Finally, the pounds are leaving me! Buh-bye poundage, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out! You are the houseguest who lingered far beyond what is acceptable for common courtesy and then drank all the coffee, used all the clean towels, complained about the food and then hogged the freakin' TV. And that's just plain RUDE.

I maybe kinda sorta cheated a little and took my Tuesday weigh-in number for my Monday weekly update. But it's FOUR POUNDS! I gotta take that. 

That being said...a small family emergency kept me from working out this eve. I hope the downward trend can still continue! I did well for eating today (and darn it if I am not hungry now after mentioning food! Bugger!). I was telling my mom earlier all the things I do differently now, I guess my "secrets" to success. They go a little something like this:

1. I eat smaller portions with more veg.  My plate looks so different now than before. I've done this for 7 months, and I honestly don't think I could eat more at dinner if I wanted to! I put this seemingly paltry amount of food on my plate, and it fills me up! Wtf

2. I snack only on healthy foods. I don't eat cookies or chips or any junk as snacks anymore. I eat fruit, veggies, applesauce or almonds. 

3. I don't eat after dinner. Yup, it's hard sometimes, but I don't. Well, see #4. :) I drink tea if I get hungry. Mmm gingerbread spice! 

4. I give into that choco craving in a VERY controlled way. I have these little squares of dark chocolate that are 30 cals. The awesome is that I don't seem to have a problem only eating one or two for dessert. I savour them...let them melt in my mouth slowly. Mmm

5. I try to drink lots of water. Hard. To. do. 

6. I exercise 5-6 days a week for 1/2 hr doing cardio and weights. 

7. I don't give up even when the freakin' bastard of a scale spits back the same numbers day after day after day after day for a MONTH. 

8. I blog. I get to throw this stuff on the page and then receive lovely words of encouragement from some seriously fantastic people. Love it. Love you guys. 

39 lbs down. I know I could have done more to lose it faster, but this is what works for me. I don't feel deprived or starved or crazy with this lifestyle. I don't call it a diet. I can't. If I call it a diet, I will one day go "off" my diet and gain it back. This is my life. This is how I eat and live. Period. 

Oh yes, and good news! I heard from Sugar-Free Cupcake, and her blog is here. Hope you will check it out! She's doing a lot of great things to maintain a healthy lifestyle...very inspiring! 

And slap my ass and call me Judy, if I don't have another new follower! Helloooo Heidi from One Step at a Time!  This gal is a runner!

To Runners

 I bow down to the fleet of foot as
 Mine seem weighed down with lead 
 And slowly upon the earth I tread
Lol...sorry, lil' poetry moment there (teaching it to my gr. 10 class and it just seeps in). 

Later y'all...and in the immortal words of Canadian funny man Red Green: Keep yer stick on the ice. 


Shane P said...

I like your approach to the "non-diet" and I agree. It is better to look at it as a lifestyle change. You gave some really good advice and I plan on implementing some of your ideas. Congrats on all that you have achieved!!

Fat Daddy said...

Suddenly you are just kicking butt again! After all that time of hanging tough through the never ending plateau.

So impressive. Your diet plan is very sound. And well rounded.

And I too have such respect for those who run. I just recently began to jog what was my former lunchtime walks, and wow...it is tough. But like you...I am not giving up.

You are doing great, Tammy.

Fat[free]Me said...

Yippee - that downward trend is so encouraging!

Your way of eating sounds very similar to mine and it works and I feel so good on it.

Love the poem, lol!

Sugar-Free Cupcake said...

Thanks for the shoutout. Your blog is super inspiring too! All the good eating and working out is paying off and you totally deserve it. Good for you!!

Coley said...

Oh man, I thought I totally commented - where did it gooo?

TC said...

Shane: I appreciate your comments, mister! I also appreciate you proofreading your blog. I should do that more, considering I am a teacher! I think a lot of errors people make are more from carelessness and not a lack on knowledge.

Sugar-Free Cupcake You are welcome! I have to say that right back at you though- YOUR blog is inspiring!

Coley: It's a ghost in the machine!! Spooooky.