Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am tired of going to the tooth vet

I have been twice in two weeks...and I have to go back early Sept. I only have four fillings, and I am replacing three of them that I got as a kid. Jebus. Those things should have a friggin lifetime warranty! I don't mind paying the piper for bad dental hygeane, or too many sugary snacks and going under the drill, but I already did my penance for those cavities!! They were drilled and filled. I am just bitter about the whole thing.  My sore gums are making me cranky. 

Oh, right, weight-loss blog (not whiny little bitch blog...hee hee). Coming right up.

I was right to own that full pound last night as the scale reassured me this morning. I could almost scrape out 193 today, but I'm going to wait for tomorrow to confirm that one. Wheee! I would luuurve to be under 190 when I go back to work. 189 has such a nice ring to it. 180 is better, but pretty sure only a horrible stomach virus combined with mono or full on removal of a limb would get me there now. S'alright though. I am the lightest I've been in nearly TEN YEARS people! That's pretty fuckin' cool in my book. 

I didn't snack today! I had cereal, vegetable soup with 5 crackers...and...er...1/2 a portion of baked spaghetti. Damn that stuff is like crack. It was a much smaller portion that the one I had at my friend's last week. I was nowhere near full after 1/2. It's ok though. I was happy to stop there. I do wish I could have had a little fruit in there somewhere. Being at the dentist and getting all froze up didn't make for a huge appetite. Hungry NOW of course. Grumble. I may have a banana. 

I visited my mom after the dentist and she was sooo sweet. As soon as I walked in she said, "You look so great! Look at you! You can see how much weight you've lost! You have no tummy!" I was all, "Gorsh, mom, gee...you just saw me last week!" (Yeah, I sound like Goofy when I talk). Her gushing made me smile and feel good. Thanks mom. 

Thanks for reading lovely people. :) 

Stats for the day:

Exercise: 40 min.

Weight: 194


Fat Daddy said...

It feels so damn good when people notice your progress. Fuel for the will-power engine.

Hate going to the dentist. I'm a big wuss about it.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Congrats!!! We're both hitting that "virgin fat" thing then...be strong lady, I found that delving into virgin fat starts to slow things down. Keep letting that glow from your mom's compliments wash over you :)

Carlos said...

moms are good like that! congrats on the loss. and umm what is this baked spaghetti you speak of.

Anonymous said...

It's your mom's fault for those cavities. She's just so sweet :)
193 - yowzas! I haven't been there since... age... 17? lol