Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 16 and can I just say...ugh

These last few days have sucked big fat hairy tarantula butt. Family drama, feeling like crapola (literally) yesterday, fighting with husband. Someone just hit me over the head with a frying pan old school Tom and Jerry style and I will sit and enjoy looking at the little birdies flying around my head, k? 

I worked out not Friday, but Sat, and then due to the crap-feeling yesterday I didn't work out at all. I ate...meh...ok. The fruit and veg situation in my fridge is pretty dire. I think they were considering getting together to file charges of criminal negligence. I tossed 'em today, so good luck with that! Ha! We bought some nice, fresh replacements. They don't look like the rallying type, but I should probably try to eat them before riots start. 

I did work out today, a pretty good one if an elevated heart rate and lots of sweaty goodness are any indication. I tried to push myself a bit with the speed and the weights. 

I am a bit disappointed that I haven't been so successful fighting the inertia of being on vacation. This seems to happen to me every summer. I. Just. Get. Lazy. All my big plans of working out TWICE in one day...hahaha. Not so much. I am really trying to keep my portions small, and not indulge in all the whims and cravings for sweet stuff.  But, the weight is not exactly flying off. I know Vegas was a bit of a setback, and I am happy to see that I am very much back to where I was before...just a shade under 195 now. But I see my summer rapidly waning, and I wonder what I have done with the time?! I don't know if I'll be any lighter in Sept. It's really up to me now, I know. Do I want to be lazy and sit on the couch, or put off working out until "later", but later never comes? I haven't missed that many days, but I have missed. I have had lazy workouts. But I am not giving up. No way. I may take longer to get there, but I WILL get there. 

I actually felt really good today because with our wet, cold weather here I need to wear a jacket. I hadn't worn this jacket in a while. It's one I bought two years ago, when I lost weight and was about 5-7  lbs heavier than now. It was always a bit snug to button, but today I had no troubles! It wasn't all. Woo hoo! Victory moment! That, and the capri pants I've been wearing a lot felt looser and almost like they were falling down today. Since I've washed them many times, and worn them many times, I know it isn't just them stretching out. So yayy! Small silver lining on this dreary cloud. 

I am going to be a busy girl the next few weeks, so working out will be even more challenging. Plus, I am heading south to visit a good friend for four or five days starting on the 25th ....annnd workouts? Hmmm. I hope I can walk a lot on the beach! 

Oh, and I hope I can save y'all some time and money and say DON'T SEE G.I. Joe. Epic fail. Jason and I sat stunned at the horror of the badness, and then just started mocking and giggling as the horrible dialogue and stupid situations just piled up. Wheeee

Hope y'all had a better weekend than me. 

Stats for the day:

Exercise: 35 min

Weight: 194 (dammit, I'm taking the whole pound...stupid scale is so friggin hard to read!)


Fat Daddy said...

Feels like you and the hub are experiencing the old post vaca letdowns. You're usually a bit more upbeat than today.

Hell I'm worse...I can be eratic.

That's great about the jacket and the capris. It feels so good to get back into stuff comfortably.

I hope you find your mojo and get into the workout/diet nazi zone soon. You've done great so far, so I'd say you've had a productive summer.

Try cheering up by checking in on your boob link. It always cheers me up and keeps me coming back to Tammy's Tale no matter what you write (heh-heh). I'm not a mature person either it seems and I'm not sure I wanna be.

I wish we were having some jacket weather.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Hey man, congrats on the NSVs!!!!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Carlos said...

awesome nsvs not sure what made you think gi joe was a good idea!

TC said...

Fat Daddy: Thanks, I am certainly going to hunt down my inner workout nazi/bitch. She's gotta be in here somewhere!

UGWBH: Please help...NSV? No idea! :)

Carlos: Lol! It was my husband's need to dip into the pool nostalgia...believe me, NOT MY PICK! We didn't have to spend money on it at least...air miles baby!