Sunday, July 12, 2009


Ha ha! Did that get your attention? No reason really, I just like that word. It's right up there with antidisestablishmentarianism

I've been lovin' living in blog world lately. I just enjoy reading all your blogs out there so much. Some of them are weight-loss blogs, and others are about life and stories and all of them are darn entertaining or enlightening, or both! It's become my morning ritual to eat my beloved Kashi cereal and read blogs. I hope you'll check out some of the blogs on my Reading List. 

Alrighty day. I had my cereal with a bunch of fresh strawberries. Mmmm. Then, Jason and I emerged into the sunlight, blinking like mole-people from living in our little cave for so long. Once our eyes had adjusted to natural light, we of course immediately headed into the unnatural darkness of the movie theatre. Light shmite. Transformers 2 was not terrible...I actually found it fairly entertaining. Although, the fact that I heard Michael Bay denying he used Megan Fox as a sex symbol in the film is pretty laughable. The first time you see the girl she is drenched in sunlight and draped over a motorcycle with her short-short clad ass facing the camera as she (oddly) paints an image from above. Yeah...that was natural.  

Of course hand-in-hand with the movie is the popcorn. Always a temptation. I did have a couple handfuls of the unbuttered ( stuff. I brought along a nutribar for my lunch, (it was a 12:35 movie) so I munched on that. Jason was more than happy to kill the rest of the bag of popcorn. What a guy. :) Dinner was a ham sandwich with lettuce and tomato and a small bag of my favourite potato chips-- BBQ. I hardly ever eat chips anymore, so this is quite an indulgence. I actually found I couldn't finish the whole 6"  sandwich! Wow, can you say stomach shrinking?
Then I had something I'd heard about in the blogging world, a Vitatop muffin. Chocolaty goodness. The muffin part is somewhat flavourful, but the whole thing is really saved by the chocolate chips. Mmm. I don't know if I'll keep buying them though. We'll see if it kicks off my baked-goods cravings or not.  

I climbed on the bike and did my workout while watching True Blood. Southern heat, vampires and sex...what's not to love? As usual I used my weights while pedaling. It really increases my heart rate when I do that. I did my sit ups as well, adding about 10 more leg-lifts for my lower abs. 

I am really hoping the scale will reflect my work a little more this week. Please, please, please! I beg of the weight-loss gods, fickle, capricious, mercurial, gods that they are. 

That's all folks! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 197 (Ha ha! Up yours weight-loss gods! Um...wait...that's LOVING and GENEROUS gods)

Exercise: 40 min. 


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I have to get out and see that movie. But I'd also like to see Drag Me To Hell while it's still in cheap theatres too!

Yeah, Megan Fox...dude all the nerds I know drool over this chick. Totally used.

Carlos said...

way to shrink that stomach... love love love true blood but so don't get that vibrating chick...

Blue Bird said...

I should totally start working out while watching True Blood! All of those shirtless hunks would get the heart rate going even more! ;)

Great job on the diet and exercise!!

TC said...

Ugly Girl w/a Beautiful Heart: Drag Me to Hell was oookay...had its moments fo sho.

Carols: I know, what's up with her? It's like she creates...lust...or something and then feeds off it. Weird. As usual, can't wait for next week!

Blue Bird: Oh yeah, the hot guys definitely help with the HR. :) Bring on sweaty, shirtless men!