Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lazy Daze

I've been sticking pretty close to home the past week with hubby being sick and all. I did manage to get out Tuesday and Wednesday, and grocery shopping Friday. Still, I feel a little bit of cabin fever goin' on. I haven't started talking to the walls or trying to adopt the dust bunnies (not so much dust, as small drifts of cat fur...which reminds me...I've really gotta vacuum!) or anything, but mayybeee a bit goonie

I have worked out every day this week, which I am happy about. The scale went up yesterday, which made me want to huck it in front of a moving vehicle, but today it was back down to 198, so maybe it was water or something. Yes, yes that's it. 

I think I've been eating fairly well, too so I expect to see some downward action of the scale very soon. Today I had:

Kashi cereal with fresh strawberries
whole wheat wrap with fat-free turkey, lettuce, tomato and reduced-fat cheese
more strawberries

Dinner is still up for debate. We planned poorly today and now must suffer the consequences. I wish the dinner genie would pop outta his bottle and just conjure a nice, healthy and filling meal for us! Lazy bastard. I'll bet he's just sitting in his little bottle watching SportsNet or something. 

I have worked out on the bike with weights and done my 100+ sit-ups already today, but later I am also going for a brisk walk with my upstairs neighbour, Leanne. Yay! So two work outs for me today. LOVE IT!

I'm hoping to get out tomorrow to see Transformers 2, finally. If it sucks, please don't tell me! I'll find out for myself tomorrow. :P 

Ok, better go figure out dinner. I did get dinner: baked beans and chicken dogs. Desperate times people. Surprisingly low in calories, and loads of fiber in those beans. 

Stats for the Day:

Weight: 198 (soo close to 197)

Exercise: 35 min 45 min walk= 80 min.

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