Thursday, July 9, 2009


I said I'd do it, and here we are. It would have been better to have Jason take these for me, but he was not up to the task being all sick and feverish and half-asleep on the couch all day (he's feeling better today, but the fever is still lingering).

I didn't know what I should wear, so I chose a tight-fitting tank top ( *gasp* it has horizontal stripes!! What-everrr) and a skirt. All my shorts are pretty baggy right now, so I didn't want to bother. I don't love the way I look in these pics, as I have heard others say, the camera just shows EVERY pound. Ugh. I hope in a month the pictures will look different. :) Oh, and I threw one in with pants just for fun. 

This is me at roughly a size 14 (skirt is 13...tank is XL. I am fitting some L, but you know...the girls require more space!). Still got a lonng way to go. 

So there they are. In all their non-glory. I took some in my undies for here, of course. Just to see the changes a bit more clearly. I wish I had taken some at the beginning of all this!!! 

I managed to work out today before dinner, which felt good. I ate:

Kashi cereal
two pieces of whole grain toast
cup of applesauce
two chicken dogs with sautéed onions
second to last bag of fiber cookies

Tomorrow, we are are going grocery shopping if Jason is up to it. I will pick up some fruit and veg to add to my snacks. Gotta do better there! 

I am still very determined to keep up my eating and exercising. I am just frustrated with the scale not moving. 

That's all folks!

Stats for the day:

Weight: 198

Exercise: 35 min. 


~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

That tank with the jeans looks killer!

Madame DeFarge said...

You keep going, you look great.

TC said...

Thank you both :) Ugh...posting pictures is so scary!!

Blue Bird said...

You look awesome! Taking pictures is a great (and very brave) idea to track progress. I don't think I have the bravery to do it just yet but KUDOS to you!! :)

I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

You look great! Great self control not chucking the scale.

TC said...

Blue Bird: Thank you m'am! You are sweet to say so.

Fat Daddy: Thanks mister...and yes, great self control! If there was a wood chipper nearby or something that thing woulda been toast. :)

Coley said...

Ahh girl you look SO great! Those jeans, even though I couldnt see them all, they look hot! You've got great thighs! lol, and they look cute with the tank - horizontal stripes anyday! In my head I feel like if I looked like you, I wouldn't worry about my weight! lol, but I know that everyone has a place they feel comfortable with, and of course looking at you at a little size is, like you looking at a size 6 or something.

But seriously, you look great and I can't wait to see your next update! Lovely hair, btw :)

TC said...

Coley: You always make me feel so good! Thanks darlin'. :)

Carlos said...

you look awesome and brave... way to own that shit!

Carlos said...

you look awesome and so brave... way to own that shit!

TC said...

Thanks double Carlos! :) It was hard to do, fo sho. You guys are makin' it easier though with all your kind words. :)