Monday, June 15, 2009

WEEK EIGHT!! this is what almost two months of eating better and exercising feels like. Hmm...let's see...less flab here...more muscle there...smaller size...yup, all good! 

It may be the PMS talking, but I was hungry ALL friggin' DAY. I had cereal with a banana, my raw bell peppers nicely sliced up, and my nutribar. I ate lunch at 11:15 and then felt the familiar gnawing of hunger about 1/2 hr later. Now, in the old days, this is when I would go scrounging for change for the vending machine, or pop a bag of popcorn for a snack. With the healthy school program we have going in B.C. schools the vending machines are pretty tame fare. We have baked chips, and granola bars, juice and water. No chocolate or pop. This is good when I had a attack from the snack monster, but, really, I don't even want that pseudo "healthy" snack food anymore! I don't want to snack on chips, even the baked kind. I don't want popcorn...even the "Smart Pop." Really hope this is a permanent change in me. I still have two boxes of pre-packaged "healthier" cookies in my cupboard, and I haven't touched them in over a month! 

So, I resisted the snack monster at work. When I got home,  I had an applesauce and a handful of almonds. None of this made me feel less hungry. None. Arg. Since we had no food in the house to speak of, Jason and I headed out to our local family restaurant for dinner before grocery shopping. As usual I couldn't see anything good to I went with a thin crust personal pizza.  I know, my nemisis! Still, my calories for the day were low, so I didn't feel too bad eating it...and I didn't finish. I had three and a half small pieces. It was slightly more than half of the personal pizza. I wasn't full when I stopped eating, which is something I am really trying to focus on lately. Normally, I would have scarfed all that pizza without thinking twice about it. No dessert tonight, but I did get on the bike after the groceries were put away. It was kinda late, so I only did a little over 20 minutes plus about 5 min of sit ups (which I really didn't want to do). 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 202

Exercise: 28 min. 


slimceagirl said...

You're doing so well. Keep up the good work! Yo have inspired me to begin my long over due weight loss adventure too!

TC said...

Slimceagirl: Wow, really?!? That's so amazing! I am very very happy to have inspired you! :) That makes it worth doing all these blog posts.

Good luck on your adventure! Keep me posted (or maybe I'll read about it on YOUR blog, yes?)