Sunday, June 14, 2009

Day 54/55: Weekend Update - The 'Q didn't get me!

Saturday was my brother's b-day/homecoming BBQ. Here we and my little bro. :) He had a fantastic experience in Ecuador and told a lot of pretty hilarious stories. Let's see, he faced off with reef sharks, survived muddy roads and questionable transportation, drank 80 proof distilled cane sugar (and didn't go blind), stitched up a pig's foot and watched bloody surgeries. Good times! 

Whaddya think? Do we look alike? 

I helped set up for the BBQ, which meant that I was in the vicinity of potato chips and cheezies pretty much all afternoon and evening. Salty, fatty, crispy temptation! I decided I wanted a few with dinner, so I had ONE and was able to leave it at that. It was a great night with lots of old family friends. Dinner was a hamburger, a dollop of potato salad, dollop of pasta salad and about 6 potato chips. It was gooood and I ate every bite. Now, it wouldn't be a birthday without cake, and yes, there was that. Will's girlfriend's father owns a Dairy Queen (or two), so she always hooks us up with blizzard cakes. This one was my fave- mint oreo. I had a tiny piece- about two bites worth, and it was deeelish. I think I did very well, and in the morning, the scale was down a pound! I worked out before I left that day, and even squeezed a walk in with my uncle to get onions for the burgers. My Uncle Nelson and Auntie Joan were so sweet and complimentary about my weight loss (love you guys!!). 

Today I just took it easy for the most part. I did my regular workout on the bike and tried to keep the intensity up. I think it worked because I was sweating and breathing really hard. I had cereal and a banana today, then soup for lunch. Jason and I were at a total loss for what to have for dinner on this eve of grocery shopping, so I ended up having soup again with a grilled cheese on multigrain. I drank nearly all my water today, but fell wayyyy short on fruit and veg. I will do better on that once we stock up on groceries. 

I am sooo eager to get below 200 lbs here!! I plan on walking at work again as much as possible. Now that school is out, I don't have to rush back to teach a class. I can do 1/2 hr walk in the park then do 1/2 hr on the bike at home without too much difficulty. Might make a difference reaching my goal faster with added activity....duh....ya think? 

Stats for the weekend:

Weight:  202  (Ahh only three lbs to gooooooo!)

Exercise: 70 min. 


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

One? Nobody eats just one...

Winderdoodle said...

Below 200 pounds ... I'm right there with you! I'm hoping this will be the week I'm in the 100's. How cool will that be for both of us! :)

Best of luck and kick some butt this week!


Madame DeFarge said...

Fingers crossed for that next 3 pounds.

TC said...

Jack Sh*t: Well, I had one...then with dinner I had about six or seven more. So, to be sure, I didn't eat just one. :P

Wiendy: Yay for us!! I will do a DOUBLE happy dance (picture a cross between Elaine from Seinfeld's dance stylings and the old prospector striking gold dance) if we both hit 199!! WOOO!

MDF: Thank you, and perhaps your toes too? If your tootsies are capable of such a physiological feat! Best to cover all the bases. :)

Weight Loss Expert said...

Way to go! Keep up the hard work. Cheers, Erin