Friday, June 12, 2009

Day 52/53: Rock and Roll Goddess

Ohhhh yeahhh. Check me out playing my wicked bass. Ok, not mine per belongs to a student. And I am not playing it so much as holding it in my idea of a "rock and roll" pose. I had to post this simply for the fact that when I looked at it on my computer, I didn't think, "Woah, who's the fat girl?" Doesn't hurt that the bass is covering my midsection nicely! 

Today was fun tinged with extreme annoyance and a smidgen of near heat-stroke. My second-to-last block of the day started off great. I was Taking pictures with the kids, discussing our summer plans, etc, when suddenly, the fire alarm went off. Awww crap. I should have known some dumb kid would take it upon himself (yes, it's always the boys!!) to pull the alarm. When we all got outside, things looked a little off. Instead of lining up on the field as per normal, people were hanging back. I asked a teacher what was going on, and it turned out that, for the second year in a row, the grad class set off smoke bombs in the school, pulled the alarm and then proceeded to bombard the innocent as they exited the building! Oy people!! Thus, the entire school was forced to stand on a baking hot field with no shelter or water for nearly and HOUR while irate police officers and firefighters cleared our school. The wait was mostly to get the smoke removed via giant fans. Joy. To ice this shit cake, the school was fined $2000. This fine is being passed on to the lovely grad class unless someone comes forward to claim responsibility for the prank. I was telling people as we melted, that if I got a sunburn I was gonna sue the grade 12s for undue epidermal disfiguration. Not sure if that would fly in Canadian court. Besides, here, loser pays. 

I feel bad that I forgot to post yesterday, but it was really late by the time it occurred to me, and I ain't losing my precious sleep for blogging! It was a good food day yesterday though (not so good for water...I am TRYING, but I seem to come out with six cups on average). I ate six servings of fruit/veg yesterday. I think I heard my bod thank me. Dinner was chicken on the grill, small baked potato, salad, and about 1.5 grilled bell peppers. I also ate carrots, strawberries and a banana. Woo hoo! 

Today...hmm...well. Let's see I may have had a very small piece of pizza land on my desk compliments of a student (actually it was two, and I managed to pawn the other one off). I also ate a small chocolate chip cookie (a gift from a student). Damn that cookie was good. Otherwise, I had cereal, nutribar, raw bell peppers, and a modest serving of high-fiber smart pasta with a meat sauce consisting of extra lean ground beef, veggie lovers healthy choice sauce with added onion and bell peppers and a whole whack of spices. I didn't finish all my pasta. I did have another cookie. 

I worked out for 35 min. last night and tonight. Didn't wanna. But I did it. 

Tomorrow will be a challenge. It's my brother's 25th b-day/welcome home from Ecuador. It's a BBQ, so I know there will be lotsa bad food...chips, dips, potato salad, dessert. I am hoping also fruit and veggies for me to munch on. I am planning to have a burger and as many veggies and fruits as I want. There may be alcohol. Drinking calories is not my favourite thing by any means, so I will go easy, if I drink at all. 

I have to get my ass moving and work out in the morning since I am going to help my mom shop, chop and set up for the party. I CAN DO IT!! 

Hope y'all have a fantastic weekend! 

Stats for the days:

Weight: 203 (OK let's move it on now!)

Exercise: 70 min. 


Madame DeFarge said...

Hope the BBQ went well. Although maybe you should have got your grad class along, since they're so good at smoking things out.

Graham Librarian said...

Love the picture!

TC said...

MDF: Oh, yes! They would have done a fab job, I am sure. Grrr...still annoyed about that incident! BBQ was a succes...and eating went well, I think!

Ash: Thanks babe! I think I have found my instrument. :P

Winderdoodle said...

I love it when I see pics of myself and don't hate them! That's true progress and I think shows a lot more about us changing our thinking and showcasing the ability to keep the weight off forever! Congrats and good job.