Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 51: Walking in Richmond...

Yes, more pictures! Now that I have a camera that I love, I'm using it to death! Here are some pics that we snapped on our walk this evening...

Two little duckies...mama was keepin' an eye on us as I took this.

Duck nap
Paid a visit to the little chapel in the park. Married here four years ago! 

Aaawwwkward pose

Bunny's tryin' to decide if he wants to go to church today.

It's Mo's bunny counterpart! 

Point of interest...or perhaps not...Richmond is actually overrun with bunnies. They are considered a pest when they infest farmer's fields. I just think they are cute though! It's funny to drive down a highway, or walk in a park and see bunnies. 

Da Pond

Me and Jason (unbeknownst to him)

Getting  my "glam" on

Suck it Paris Hilton...big girls can be sexy too! 

It was so warm today, so we waited until after dinner to head to our local park. We were gone about an hour, but with our little picture pit stops, we only walked about 45 minutes of that. Not too bad though! 

Eating was pretty good today. I had cereal with some lovely strawberries, carrots and my nutribar. Don't worry, those bars will be gone from my diet once I am finished work. Dinner was deli sandwiches. I had black forest ham, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and mustard. I always indulge in a tiny bag of BBQ potato chips when I have this. 210 calories...meh. 

I thought about riding the bike when we got back from our walk, but I figured I'd be pushing my tired bod too much. 

Hope you enjoyed my pictures...I had great fun taking them! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 203

Exercise: 45 min. moderate intensity


Mess said...

Just discovered your page and your pics are amazing ! I have a total crush for the two lurvely duckies...So cute !
Greetings from France ! See you soonies. x

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I don't think you need to give Paris Hilton any more encouragement to "suck it." ;)

Nice pix.

TC said...

Mess: Welcome! I am so honoured to have a French follower. :) C'est bon! Fantastique! Aaaand there's my French. Actually, I took French up to university, but that was 12 years ago, and I've discovered it's really true, if you don't use it you lose it!

Jack Sh*t: Excellent point, Jack. You know, I was thinking, too, that the media has been blissfully devoid of all things Paris lately. Perhaps she is off recovering from a bout of VD, or anorexia, or slipping through a grate whilst walking down the street.

Winderdoodle said...

I love the little church! That's so cute and peaceful.


Coley said...

What cute pics - the bunny in front of the church made me smile. We have SOO many rabbits around here, but they're all just plain brown - never seen such a cute one!
You're such a hottie - you remind me of Mia Tyler, the model ;)

Madame DeFarge said...

Love the ducklings. Always a favourite of mine. Looking glam too!

TC said...

Coley: Glad they made you smile. :) Mission accomplished! Mia Tyler is soo pretty! Thank you darlin'! You are also living proof that you don't have to be a size zero to be sexy!!

Mme: Thank you...I was just playin' around. :) The ducklings were adorable! We saw them at various ages around the pond, but these were the cutest.

Katie J said...

Love the pics and especially the ducks! Thanks for sharing and you are STUNNING in those pics sexy thang!

btw - never thought Paris attractive

Terri said...

Love the pic's. The Chapel is too cute!

TC said...

Kati J: are going to make my blush!! Thanks :):)

Terri: Thank you! It was a no-brainer to use it as our wedding chapel. :) It's so cute and very nice inside too.