Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 50: Dragging Ass

I may seriously need to start going to bed at 10:00 here. I am SO TIRED!! At the risk of sounding redundant, I'm very tired of being tired. I know it's partly to do with sleep and partly to do with this f*cking cold that is hanging onto me like a spider monkey on PCP. ENOUGH ALREADY!!! 

Ok, I feel better now. 

I can't say I am super happy with what I ate today. It was one of those days where I was constantly running around in a slightly panicked way. I was approached by a student today who, in rapid-fire slightly broken English, outlined a very vague plan for some students to leave school order Chinese food for the school paper's year-end celebration (which I was shoulder-tapped to supervise). I expressed my dubiousness at this idea and suggested they order pizza instead. Pizza is easy. It comes to you when you call it. You need not go out into the world and seek it out. Plus, a student I know works at a pizza joint and gives us 50% off. It was around this time a latent synapse fired and I remembered I was to bring drinks for this celebration. Oops. All I could do was leave school during silent reading (foisting my class on my lovely neighbour, Kim) and go to the store! Meanwhile, I had a class to teach. Oh yeah. As the minutes passed, I got more and more worried about this fabled journey to fetch Chinese food. Luckily, the student from the morning came by and we nabbed the paper's editor from her class. I convinced them that the only thing to do was order pizza. They agreed. Much running around later, the deed was done. I was able to pop out and get some drinks, and we scrounged cups and napkins from places around the school. 

In all my semi-panic and running around, I didn't even eat my snack! Plus, I was to supervise the kids in the library, so I was in the midst of all that pizza. Trapped. For an hour. How was I to resist??!!? Am I a machine? Am I made of steel? No. So I ate two very small pieces of veggie pizza for lunch. And a cookie. 

When I got home, another wayward synapse fired and I remembered that we were supposed to have pizza for dinner!! Dang. Dang dang. Well, it's not like I don't enjoy pizza. Sigh. Ok.  I ate my carrots as a snack before dinner. It was homemade pizza, so I tried to make my portion slightly thinner crust with a lot less cheese. We usually halve the thing, but I cut it so Jason's part was much larger. I ate one piece and then half of another. I was full. I haven't felt hungry all night. 

I cringe a bit to think of eating all that pizza in one day...but then again, that's how much I would have had in one sitting before. I'll take the small victories. I also made sure to work out on the bike and do weights for 1/2 hr. and do my sit-ups. I just hope the scale won't hold a grudge for this one.  I can hear it laughing now.  

Stats for the day:

Weight: 203

Exercise: 35 min. moderate-high intensity


Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Pizza was one of those mindless foods that I could eat and eat and eat (downing with beer after beer after beer). Sounds like you managed through it okay tho. WTG.

Winderdoodle said...

Pizza is evil isn't it? Congrats in not getting caught up too deeply in it's draw. I'm not sure if I would have been able to do the same!


Mr. Condescending said...

pizza is healthy I heard!

Coley said...

Mmmm pizza...
It's those small changes that make big changes in life - I think you did well, and it's real life! I'm always rushing around, so i feel ya there. In my case I need to be more inventive with my improvising... usually when in a bind I just go "Sigh... I give in."
Can't be havin' that!

TC said...

Jack Sh*it: Thanks mister. :) Oh, it IS easy to just eat it mindlessly! Especially considering one can ignore the niceties of knife and fork and just stuff it in.

Wendy: Pizza is the devil's food of choice, pretty sure. For me, even when it's bad, it's still good. It's PIZZA!

Mr. C: I have to say I am a bit on the side of shocked that you DID join my lil' ol' blog. Thanks! :) That's very un-condescending of ya.

Coley: I need to work on the not "giving in" too. It's going FAIRLY well, but I really didn't need to eat pizza for lunch! Keep it goin' missy!