Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Week 10: Lazy blogger gal

Sorry folks, but I have been shiftless and bum-like about doin' the blog thing. Good news is...

I am off for the summer!!! 

(please don't hate me)

Consequently, I really should have more time for blogging, yes? Well, here's an update on the last few days:

Friday: Last day of work! I had a baaaad feeling all day that I wouldn't get all my shit done before I left for the day. Self-fulfilling prophesy, you say? Perhaps, because I didn't finish and I have to go back! Wahhhhh!! The day was very busy returning equipment, filing, meeting with my grade group to figure out what we were going to do with our gr. 10s in September. Kinda cool, kinda funky actually. We are going to take 190 10th graders to the beach! Frisbee, volleyball and eco-art. We're going to get them to find beach objects to create an art piece and then once we get a picture of it, they must return every piece to it's original location. Take only pictures, and leave only footprints...or somethin' like that. 

We had a staff lunch as we usually do on our last day. We had nice chicken breasts, Caesar salad and buns. I had a bit of salad and a small whole wheat bun. I was pretty hungry since I had not time to even eat my banana snack. Then there was dessert. I eyeballed the dessert tray earlier, and saw cookies and decadent-looking brownies. Ohhh my...hold me back! I decided to go for a very small brownie. Mmmmm...it was a good choice. Then my co-workers had to go and tell me how good the cookies were. Darn it. Cookies are like crack to me!! Especially soft, chewy ones. I had half a cookie (thanks Ramon). :)

I didn't work out. I was just too tired. Jason and I were going to see The Hangover, but he was tired too. Such sad sacks! 

Saturday:  I got up, got ready and went to lunch with my friend, Ross.  It was a great visit (Ross always cracks me up), but the food was weird. I had the Southwest Wrap, which I've had before. As I was eating it, liquid started literally pouring out of it!  Gross! It soaked the fries and other half of the wrap. I ate 3/4 of that 1/2 and then we showed the waitress the mess on my plate, which she figured was from their kinda runny salsa.  She offered to get the chef to re-wrap it. Oookay. It came back, in two pieces again, and I ate 1/2 of the first piece.  t . Still, weird and gross. I didn't eat many of the fries at all. I was really full after though! Oh, and  I did have a bellini. Mmm. Slushy for grownups. Ross very kindly (and sneakily) paid for lunch. Thanks again, my friend! :)

When I got home, I knew I had to work out, which I did. Then, I wasn't hungry at all, so Jason and I decided to go easy on dinner. I had whole grain toast with low fat peanut butter. We were planning on getting to that movie, but apparently the entire western hemisphere had the same idea! Our multiplex has a huge parking lot, and it was full. FULL! We were already running a bit behind, so no way we woulda made the movie. We decided to try the video store instead. We settled on How to Lose Friends and Alienate People with Simon Pegg. Love him! The movie was, meh, but he was hilarious as usual. 

Sunday: Day off with hubby! We lazed a bit, both rode the bike, then headed out to the bottle depot (nearly $15 worth of returned bottles!) and then the movie theatre. We are nothing if not tenacious! This time it was nice and quiet, so quiet that no one was in the theatre when we got there! The movie was pretty darn funny, as everyone has said. We always use the tickets we can get from airmiles, and they come with a large popcorn and drinks. Yikes. I brought grapes to ward off the desire to eat a ton of popcorn. I did have some...a few handfuls. I am not a saint here! 

Monday: First official day off! Jason was at work, so I spent a good portion of the morn reading and watching TV. I did get off my ass and work out, shower and do some cleaning. Then Jason came home and we FINALLY went grocery shopping. Thank the gods...I was seriously depleted in the healthy snack area. I really have problems when there isn't a good snack choice out there for me! Some good things we bought:

red peppers
green onion

Now, to eat it all before it rots away in the fridge! 

Alrighty then! I believe that catches y'all up on my fascinating life.


Exercise: Hmm...math agian...let's see...100 minutes? 

Weight: 199 (OH MY GOD!)



Winderdoodle said...

Oh my gosh! Hey, you're below 200! EXCELLENT!


Anonymous said...

I wondered where you'd gone!! Glad to see you back - GAHH!!!!! 199!!!!!!!

TC said...

Wendy: Thanks! You kicked my ass getting there yourself miss!

Coley: I know! I can't believe it, actually. I waited two days to post a weight because I wanted to be REALLY SURE. :) Yayyy!

Madame DeFarge said...

Well done on the 199. Enjoy the holidays - what you going to be doing with the time off?