Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Half-Ass Challenge...

I had to post again because I am just so darn proud to be a part of this sh*t challenge: Jack Sh*t’s Kick-Ass Half-Ass Half-A-Pound Challenge. 

Yes, I must rise from the couch to meet to this challenge and lose HALF a pound this week! Also, please note the emblem I proudly display to show my participation in this worthy endeavor.

I must be, on Wednesday, 195.5 in order to be, as Jack Sh*t has informed me, "officially eligible for inclusion in the Jack Shit’s Kick-Ass Half-Ass Half-A-Pound Challenge Commemorative Poem"

A poem!?! Hells yeah, I want to be in the poem! 

Please note the rules that I must strictly adhere to:


1.    No cheating.

Hmm...sounds hard. Dunno. 

So wish me luck in the JSKAHAHAPC! 

I encourage you to go check out Jack's blog. It keeps me laughing, even when I would rather stab that next carrot stick into my eye than eat it. 


Winderdoodle said...

I love his blog too. We all need a little humor while going through this process!


Coley said...

I think I need to rise to the challenge, and half-assed try to lose half-a-pound... I think it might be possible if I believe in myself!!!

TC said...

Wendy: Oh, we really do! Thank god for bloggers like Jack!

Coley: Let's doooo it!

Madame DeFarge said...

We're right behind you. I'm trying not to eat some ice-cream right now and failing miserably.

Coley said...

I joined!! Let's make it hap'n Cap'n!!

TC said...

MDF: Fight the fudge and the ripple and the neapolitan!!

Coley: Yeah girl! 1/2 we come!

RFlatstone said...

Boy, I’ve been gone a while, and you’ve gotten skinny. Miss you, miss, and now not just because I haven’t gotten here in a while, huh?

So, which is worse – having access to food and resisting the temptation, or just not having access to the food? I didn’t do any shopping this weekend, so all I had to today was a bowl of oatmeal and ¾ of a banana (The remaining quarter was too dark and slimy to eat). Now, my coworker in the adjacent cube is laughing because she can hear my stomach growling. No joke! So, here’s the danger: Going shopping hungry. Pray for me!

TC said...

Troy! HAS been a while. Missed you too! Hardly skinny over here though. :P I went shopping yesterday too. It is so nice to have a bunch of healthy snack foods to turn to!

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