Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 66: Tiaras, golf and end of days (work days, that is)

Wow, what a day yesterday! I was a golfing princess in the rain with three fab co-workers. We had feather boas, tiaras and other crap plastic jewelry that would strike envy in the heart of any seven-year-old girl (and, yes, that is a wand...contain your jealousy). You know, I came to a realization about this sport I rarely deign to play-- golf is more fun with booze (and tiaras). Go figure! The best part was that our boas were molting as we traipsed down the fairways, so it looked like some freakish, multi-coloured bird had met an ugly end with bits and pieces of feathers everywhere.

I hope all my spoiling of that good walk (sorry, Mr. Twain, I murdered that one!) burned some calories because we had our staff party right afterwards. I think I did well though...I munched on about five chips total, had one small round of whole wheat bread with a bit of dip on it, lotsa carrots and tomatoes, burger and a veggie-bean salad (yummy!) and a bit of pasta salad. My desert was a few strawberries and a tiny sliver of this gonzo fabulous-looking chocolate pie (thanks to my friend Kim for slicing that up so nicely!). 

Today was a bit of a food-write off. I ate the usual breakfast and lunch, one banana as a snack, and that was the last healthy food I ate! Jason worked late, and I was on my own for dinner....and it's just before our grocery shop! Ahhh! Nothing to eat! I settled in desperation of hunger for two slices of leftover cheese pizza...and noodles. Mmm yes. I did work out though...1/2 hr on the bike that I DIDN'T want to do at all. 

I really have problems when we start running out of my healthy snack foods! Gotta get to the store pronto. 

Tomorrow is my last day of work. YAY! I am in the middle of the tedious task of cleaning up the piles of papers and random crap that I've accumulated over the year. I am not a neat freak. Not even close. This is painful for me. I do like having an organized classroom to start the year off. I'd just rather prop my eyes open with toothpicks and watch "Glitter" over and over than clean my room. 

There's a few new things for me too. Not only do I know, miracle of miracles, what I am teaching next year. First. Time. Ever. But I am not moving classrooms! I just have to lock up my books and stuff to keep it all out of the hands of those sketchy summer school people. What a luxury! Wish me luck in my final frenzy of organization because after this, I am OFF baby!

Stats for the day:

Exercise: 35 min moderate-high intensity

Weight: 200


Winderdoodle said...

I absolutely can't run out of my healthy snacks ... if I do .. it's disaster! There's something about an empty fridge that brings about even more cravings. Weird.

Best of luck on your last day of work! Time for a great summer, right? :)


Coley said...

WOOOHOOO Summa-summa-summa-tiiiime!