Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 64: Cooookieeesssssssss

Yes, you got that right. I am making cookies. Now, don't go freaking out. I haven't fallen of the healthy eating wagon here. There is a staff party tomorrow, and I am finally trying this cookie recipe I was going to make before all this started. Thought this would be a good excuse. :) Alright, I will admit to a bit of dough "tasting". :P I have eaten one cookie and a bit of a few others. I am trying to test how long I want them in...blah blah. How am I supposed to know unless I try one?!? At least I am not eating whole cookies. 

Today I had my cereal and then lunch was a burger compliments of our graduating class. I had tomato and lettuce on it, which I never ever do, as a nod to the veggie gods. I ate some carrots after work, and that was it until dinner. Tonight Jason made his beef stew. Oh, my it was good. The best he's made yet, I'd say! I had one bowl and a bun and was pretty well on my way to full. Then there was the cookie/bits, of course.

I rode the bike today, did my weights and sit ups. I won't be able to work out tomorrow since the staff golf extravaganza and party is right after school. I am NOT a golfer, but that's ok with this group. We dress up in costumes and do goofy things like use pool cues to knock in our balls. My favourite ones from past outings were "golf on your knees" and "wear the wedding dress". I have some awesome pictures of the last one! I will post pics here if we don't get totally rained out! 

I will have to resist a lot of temptation tomorrow night. I plan to stick to veggies and have my burger. 

Ugh...gotta finish those darn cookies! Oh, and for the record, I don't like 'em that much anyway! Bummer. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 200

Exercise: 35 min. 


Madame DeFarge said...

I'll have your cookies if you don't want them, one of my weaknesses. And congrats on the big weight loss. Well done and keep going.

Coley said...

Mmm home made cookies. Thank Goodness you don't like them that much!!! Although that hasn't stopped me in the past :( haha