Monday, June 22, 2009


Yup, it's official, I've been doing this for two whole months! Ok, it was two months YESTERDAY, but I'm a lazy blogger lately. :( I had to post today because I have officially lost...dum da dum...


(if I could make those letters sparkle, flash neon colours  and sing a jaunty tune, I would)


I'm very excited, especially when I realized I lost ten lbs per month exactly as I wanted to! What next, you might be asking out there in cyberland. What's next is the next 10 lbs of flab vacating my body! Buh bye...see ya fat!  I wan to lose 10 more before I got to Vegas at the end of July. We ended up changing our vacation plans because Jason's schedule changed. I will be going away to visit a friend at the end of August...the beach no less (cue screaming on the inside one word of negation- nooooooooooooooooo!!!) So still something to work towards! 

I think that I have the eating thing under control, and I'm working out pretty much every day. I missed Friday to go to a party...where I ingested my only snack of the day (busy busy!), a "funky" cookie. Yes, it contained a certain herb...and yes, it did have an effect...eventually. Luckily, I wasn't plagued by any ravenous bouts of eating. Just got really sleepy and crashed! I know, lame. Hmm...kinda glad my mom doesn't read my blog now!

We got really lazy on Sunday and ordered pizza. I had three small pieces of cheese pizza. Not very good either. Blahh. Last night we made turkey chili for the first time, and it ROCKED. Loved it. Had it again last night. I ate so much less than usual! 

Today I actually went for a walk! Yes! Jason came with me, too, which was lovely. I worked out on the bike, but made it only 20 minutes with a pounding headache. 


Stats for the day:

Weight: 200 (next stop...the 100s!)

Exercise: 6o min. moderate intensity


Coley said...

Hurray!! Congrats for hitting 20 lbs! That's awesome!!

Winderdoodle said...

20 lbs is GREAT! Good job! Next up, 100's! :)


TC said...

Thanks Wendy and Coley! I am very excited! One more pound...199 here I come! :)

Graham Librarian said...

Yeah!! 20 pounds that's wonderful.