Thursday, June 18, 2009

Day 58/59: Keepin' on keepin' on

I got a little lazy and didn't update last night. I know, terrible. I hang my head. 

Yesterday was busy, busy at work. I had many meetings and caught up an all my delinquent marking ( hardly ever happens). Yup, it was exactly as fun as it sounds. I managed to squeeze in lunch and a snack of a banana somewhere amongst the hilarity. I had strawberries, too, but didn't get a chance to eat them. Tragic...the uneaten, neglected fruit of the lunch bag. I did eat them when I got home though, so don't feel too bad for 'em. Dinner was a small piece of steak, salad, grilled peppers, and baby potatoes. It was a meal made for summer baby, ohhh yeah. 

I rode the bike for what felt like a lifetime, but my clock told me it was only 30 minutes. Jeeze Louise it went slow! I stuck with it though and did my weights and sit-ups too. 

Today, I had a hard time dressing. No, not because I suddenly lost all motor control or anything. I seem to be running out of clothes that fit properly! I know, tragic! The shorts I wore today used to be tight, and now they are all baggy. I wore them all last summer, so I know they haven't just "stretched". It was crazy...I almost like someone was playing a trick on me and had switched them for a larger pair. It's hard for me to see differences since I see myself in the mirror every day. Sometimes, I don't feel like I look any different at all. Then I try on something I used to wear, and...woah...doesn't fit, so I MUST be changing. 

Today was another busy day at work. The fun never ends, even without students in the building! I did some marking of the English 10 provincial exam with my colleagues to make sure we were marking the same way. Then it was this insane marathon in front of my laptop to enter my marks. Oh, and re-enter because I kept forgetting stuff like a mental deficient.  There were some temptations today, too. I went down to the staff room at lunch as we were doing a staff photo...and there was pizza. Yes, evil, cheesy, aromatic pizza. I was sitting (foolishly) beside the box, and commented on how I could have 1/2 a slice maybe. But then I said, no, because that would require me to get up and get a knife, and I am just too lazy. One of my lovely co-workers heard me and brought me a knife! Dang! So I picked a small piece and cut it in half. Oh, it was good. There was also this truly decadent-looking chocolate torte of some kind on another table. I just stayed farrrr away from it. Not goin' there! So I had that, my regular lunch, banana and raw bell peppers. At home I had an applesauce. You know, I wasn't hungry until I started writing about pizza! Dammit! Now my stomach is growling. For dinner we tried chicken hotdogs. Yup, tasted like hotdogs. Honestly I would never have noticed a difference! Only 80 cal/dog though. Jason bought these humungo buns, so I ended up putting two wieners on one. I had a salad and a spoonful or so of beans as well. 

I rode the bike for another eternal 30 min....oy is that getting old! 

Now 'tis late. Must sleep and do alll this again tomorrow! 

Stats for the days:

Weight: 202

Exercise: 70 min


Terri said...

That's awesome about your clothes. I love that feeling you get when you get concrete evidence that you are doing something right. Keep it up!

Madame DeFarge said...

Life does have a habit of getting in the way of enjoyment. Think of all the shopping you can now do for new clothes. Just in time for summer too.

TC said...

Terri: Yes! The clothes evidence is the best indication for me that I AM actually shrinking! It's hard to believe otherwise.

MDF: I can't wait to shop! I am holding off a bit though. I WILL shrink more...if it kills me. Loved your post about the gym, btw. :) Another reason I avoid them at all costs. Eeep.