Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

Yes, it's Canada's birthday today! My country is 142 years old today. :) 

Oh, and I'm tired of trying to remember what the heck day it is...such tediousness. I will just note weeks and months now, rather than days. 

I am feeling like hitting 199 is a bit unreal...did it really happen?!?? I actually waited two days to post that weight because I wanted to be really sure I wasn't imagining it! That and my scale is so crappy and hard to read (I may need to start a petition to Jason - the "Let Tammy buy a new scale, for Pete's sake!" petition. Catchy, right?).  He says we spent good money on this scale, so why go spend more money on a new one? Men...they just don't understand. I'll keep workin' on him, and I'll keep you posted on that petition.

So it's summer, and I have allll these days off stretched in front of me like a long, empty highway. What to do? Work out, to be sure. Spend time with my hubby on his days off, bien sur. Hang out with friends and family, of course. Go on vacation, hells yes! Going to VEGAS. Bring on the big lights and big casinos, baby! We're staying at Planet Hollywood for three nights...pretty nice hotel. The cool part (for me) is it's right next to the Miracle Mile's giant mall. I've heard that we must hit the outlet malls as well. Working on that one...every day. The only trouble is we will have to take a bus or taxi there, which is mo money, honey. We're making it a short trip this first time out because we just don't know how we will like it. If we love it, our next trip can be longer. 

Jason and I are slipping across the border on Friday to visit my mom, who is camping with her trailer. It's nice to visit for the day-- we get the comforts of the camping experience of cooking out and s'mores (ohh my) without the discomforts of lumpy mattresses and mosquitoes feasting on us whilst we slumber. Camping and sleep never really went hand-in-hand for me. It was inevitable that we'd either be camped next to a huge clan of early risers with a gaggle of boisterous children, or crows would settle in the trees above and have a noisy crow party. 

Other plans for this summer include: Visiting Golden Ears Provincial Park again...such a lovely place with a beautiful river, helping my friend move into her new condo, having people over to our place for dinners, be as active as possible! 

My BIG goal for the summer is to take advantage of this time off and work out as much as I can. My pre-Vegas goal is to lose 10 lbs before we go. Gotta work hard for that one! 

I will continue eating less, watching my portions and turning to healthy snacks. I WILL be 190 lbs as that plane takes off to Vegas! 

Oh, food! Hmm....

Kashi cereal with four large sliced strawberries
Two small tortillas with sliced tex-mex chicken breast, lettuce and green onion with a splash of red pepper and parmesan dressing
A small bunch of grapes
About six almonds and an applesauce cup
Two small slices of turkey, a dollop of garlic mashed potatoes, salad with cucumber (with extra cucumber on the side), a dollop of reduced sodium stuffing
40 cal. fudge pop

Stats for the day: (this would be Tuesday)

Weight: 199

Exercise: 35 min moderate-high intensity


I'm the Fat Daddy. said...

Congrats on your milestone. You seem very motivated and upbeat. I need that on my weightloss journey, so I am going to add a link to my blog,

If you get a chance to stop in, I can always use some feedback.

Keep it up.

TC said...

Fat Daddy: Thanks for the link! Love your blog. I look forward to hearing more about your journey.

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Would it kill Canada to have Canada Day on the Fourth of July so we can all celebrate together? I'm just saying...

TC said...

Jack Sh*t: I KNOW! Two for the price of one? You gotta wonder when Canada's founding fathers were sitting around chit-chatting about confederation if they didn't covet that kick-ass summer holiday that those Yanks had. They just had to make it a BIT different as to not seem like sad little followers. How about the FIRST of July? That's three days off. Yeah, sounds good to me!

Happy early Independence Day!

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