Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 41: URG

Ok, so this weekend wasn't so good for blogging. Last night was spent catching up with my lovely BFF Lara, so no writing. Now, I am sitting on the couch feeling like crap on toast. Yup, sick. Sore throat, head stuffed with cotton, body ache....good times. I did work out yesterday for 25 min. on the bike on top of a 45 minute walk with Jason around the Richmond dyke. Today however, not so much. Taking it easy on the bod feeling this crappy. I ate well yesterday, but today I don't know. I had my cereal and banana at breakfast, then I left in the morning to take some students to the Vancouver Children's Peace Festival. We were there all day, so not a lot of chances to eat well! I bought a chicken pita thing and a very small brownie...then a small bag o' popcorn, but could only eat 1/2. I drank juice and a lot of water too. Felt worse and worse as the day went on though. At home I just collapsed on the couch and fell asleep on hubby. We were supposed to have tacos, but I just wasn't into eating a big dinner. Jason made me noodles and I had a piece of whole grain toast and some prunes. 

I really hope I am not sicker tomorrow...I'd hate to lose all this momentum working out!! Curse the germy child that gave me this cold! 

Went shopping yesterday...bought some new clothes in REGULAR sizes thank you very much. :) The plus clothes were all too bit. Awesome. 

Stats for the Weekend:

Weight: 205

Exercise: 80 min. moderate-high intensity


Lyn said...

Thank you so much for your support over on my blog. I really appreciate it! It helps me to keep going.

I hope you are feeling better! Hang in there :)

TC said...

You are so very welcome! How kind of you to stop by to say so. :) I feel the same way about my comments. Blogger friends have really made me feel good!

I just commented on your latest blog...and yes, feeling better!