Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week Six!!

Wow, six weeks in. It seems a lot longer, I must say! Ok, so I'm a bit late with this post, so week six was yesterday. I will try to post a quickie tonight to recap today. 

I knew that somewhere along the way here I would get sick, and it's finally happened. Luckily, I feel better today than yesterday, so I think my kick-ass immune system is winning out on this virus. Since I've become a teacher, I definitely feel like I don't get sick as often. Do your worst germy teenagers! 

The only problem with this cold is how it's sapped my energy so much. I haven't worked out in two days...which is KILLING me. I have just rested and tried to will the illness away. Hmm...perhaps it worked! I guess the bonus of feeling like doggy doo is that I haven't been really hungry. I had tried to eat my normal food, with a work snack of red bell peppers and carrots, but I didn't have any after school snacks.  It may have been the sickness keeping hunger at bay, or the extreme annoyance I felt at having a 2.5 hr. staff meeting that went until nearly 6 p.m. Long meeting, long, annoying discussion that didn't even get resolved so we must meet AGAIN. Blahhh. Later, I DID eat three small soft-shell tacos for dinner.  It was a dinner that almost wasn't too. Jason wanted the tacos last night, but I just wanted soup, so we put the beef in the fridge. Due to some freaky cold spot time-space anomaly the few square inches the beef occupied froze. Mmmm re-frozen beef. Nothing else was affected. Weird. Luckily, super Jason was there to rescue us and went to the store for more beef. What a guy, eh?

Sadly, it looks like my recent inactivity is taking a toll. I don't think I've over-eaten at all though. Up a pound or two...but I'm not worried. I'm just gonna get back on the bike and pedal  baby! 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 206 (could be 207, but the scale lines are so darn close together, I can't tell! I'm erring on the side of less is more.)

Exercise: Does walking up the stairs at work, count? :P 
0 min. 

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