Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 38: Oops sorry, a bit out of date!

Hello my fab readers! I hope you didn't despair that I wasn't writing or doing my thing anymore! I have been very busy with the end of the school year approaching scarily fast. Things always get a wee bit insane just before we push those kids out the door for the last time in June. Rest assured, I have been eating properly and working out these past few days. :) 

Today was pretty much the usual for eating (as were the other three days). I had carrots today, but peppers yesterday for my snack. Dinner was a bit of a snooze though. We were going to have chicken spaghetti, but we forgot to take the chicken out, so I had soup. Low fat cream of chicken and about 7 crackers. Mmm....yawn.  It did the trick though 'cause it's now nearing 9 and I'm not hungry. 

I still have only taken one day of rest since I started all this, so tonight I am taking it easy. I may not be able to work out tomorrow either. It's my four year wedding anniversary.  (Love you Jason!!) I think actually my body would like a bit of a break! My left knee is still giving the odd twinge and I feel a wee bit sore all over. The two days may do me some good. I will do my step on Saturday, and that will kick my butt nicely. 

Oh, and most sadly, my cute little iPod shuffle was a dud. The volume control only served to either deafen or go silent. We took it back, and I got the, still cute and tiny, older generation shuffle. Less hassle, really. Thank you baby for my giftie! :)

Tomorrow we will head to The Keg to throw down some dough for a little meat cooked on fire. Mmm. The fam is coming out to celebrate with us. I will be sticking to my portion control and listening for my body to tell me I am full (I think I am getting better at this!). 

Stats for the day (s):

Weight: 205

Exercise: 90 min. 


chicamom85 said...

Have a beautiful day and enjoy every minute of it.


TC said...

Thank you Anne! :)