Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day 33/34: Weekend Update IV: Total Weekend Annihilation

It's been a fab weekend, my friends. So nice to be off for two days with the hubby, not to mention the weather was perfect! 

Day 33

I had to get up and work out on Saturday 'cause I was meeting my friends for our monthly lunch. I did the bike to save some time, and told myself I would do the step on Sunday. I had breakfast, got ready and and headed out the door. It was funny to think that the last time I had lunch with these people, a month before, I weighed 15 lbs. more! Woah. I had a drink (raspberry bellini...mmm total weakness of mine!) 'cause I said I would this time around. :) I ordered the southwest chicken wrap, which was really tasty. The chicken breast was tender and a bit spicy, and it had lettuce, peppers, onions and salsa in there as well. I ate about five or six fries, and left most on my plate. After some laughs with my lovely friends I headed home. Later, Jason and I went to my sister's for dinner and to watch the UFC fight. I am not that interested in the fighting...sweaty, muscular dudes rolling, so it does have its moments. :P My sis and her hubby grilled up some chicken skewers and ribs for us. Yum! I had one and a bit skewers and a dollop of potato salad and about half a plate of green salad. My lovely sister also had prepared some snacks and there were potato chips and Doritos as well. Eeeeeep. I ate ONE potato chip to try her garlic dip, and ONE Dorito. I also had about 1/2 a piece of  whole wheat pita bread with a tablespoon each of hummus and tzatziki.  That's it! I did have another drink, which I didn't feel great about. It was a large glass of cranberry juice with vodka. Ahh well. Overall a really fun day, and though I ate more than I usually do, I didn't go overboard! 

Day 34 

Today was another beautiful day! I knew we wanted to see a movie in the afternoon, so I did my step workout before noon. I noticed that when I checked my heart rate it's much lower than it used to be at the height of the workout.'s happening! I was still breathing hard and red-faced in the end, though.  Before we went to the movie, I put a big bag of grapes and a few almonds in my purse along with my water. We saw Terminator 4...and of course Jason had to get popcorn. I did have a bit...two handfuls or so.  Then I ate my grapes (they were really good!) and later, had my almonds. The worst part was Jason's combo came with a bag of M&Ms. Eeeeeeeep. I love those things. They are still sitting in my purse....unopened. I have heard them calling my name a few times though. Oh, I nearly forgot dinner! We had pork chops done on the BBQ, and I put some red, yellow and orange peppers on there as well. So I ate the chop, grilled veggies, salad and baked potato. Really nice dinner. After, to take my mind off of those evil little M&Ms, I had a fudge pop. After that I could STILL hear those things calling to me, so I had another pop. They are only 40 cal. with zero fat, so I don't feel too bad eating two. 

I suppose I ate more than usual, but I did manage to exercise both days. So that just leaves me with...

Stats for the weekend:

Weight: 205 (!!!!!!!)

Exercise: 80 min. moderate-high intensity


Girl Interrupted said...

Glad you had a good weekend, thought I'd stop by and say thanks for following my blog.

Good luck with the dieting ... regardless of how much you weigh, you clearly have natural beauty. Never forget that :)

Ps: Mo is very handsome!

TC said...

Thanks very much for coming by. :) I really enjoy your blog...came across it thanks to Jules' Gravel Farm. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement! Mo is a cutie pie, for sure...and she knows it!


RFlatstone said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Me, not so much, as you know. Looks like I'm shaking that head cold... just in time to return to work. Oh, boy! Well, enough about me. You are doing great. I'm still reading! I really am. This weekend I've been out of it, but I'm back in there with you. You keep going! Doing AWESOME, Top Cat!

Laurie said...

Thanks for following my blog! I just want you to know that reading your blog really inspires me to get up and work out... even when I'm really tired and don't want to. So, thanks for the inspiration! Keep up the awesome work!