Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day 24: Doin' more!

Yep, I like a good rhyme, but I'll settle for a kinda mediocre one in a pinch. :)

I was reading a great blog, Escape from Obesity, and the author talks a lot about counting calories, and it really works for her. I don't count calories per se, but I try to be aware of the calories I am eating. I thought for fun I'd do a calorie count for today. What the heck, right?

All Bran cereal with 1% milk- 300
Nutribar- 260
approx. 10 baby carrots- 40
unsweetened applesauce cup- 50
approx. 8 almonds- 56 (yikes!)
3 pieces of cheese pizza on multigrain crust- 570
approx 11 grapes- 33
2L (8 cups) water- 0

Total: 1309

WHA? Really?? Oookay. Honestly that isn't as much as I thought it would be! Hmm...perhaps too low, some might say. I think my dinner calories are usually higher than that though. Oh, in case you were wondering where I got the calorie info from, well, it's the first one that google sent me to, really! It was I actually went to the pizza place's website for nutritional info for that. I looked at all the choices, and the cheese pizza had the least amount of calories. It was interesting to see that it was only 30 cal. lower than the pepperoni I usually have. There were about 10 more calories from fat in the pepperoni. The pizza with the lowest calorie count was the cheese on thin multigrain crust (140). I thought about it, but I really don't like thin crust pizza.  Jason doesn't either, and he is going to finish the rest of it for lunches at work. What a guy, eh? The old me would scarf 4 pieces of the pepperoni and consider the 5th, sometimes giving in, sometimes not. This time I ate three (I tried to choose the smaller ones) and considered four...but I realized I was actually fairly full. I do wish I had eaten two slices and a salad instead, but no salad in the fridge. Darn it! Next time, that will be what I do. 

I mentioned in my previous post that I wanted to walk today at lunch, and I was worried about rain. Well, I was a bit disappointed that it was cloudy and a bit windy when I set out (but no rain!). I have had sun every time I've walked for over three weeks. But wait...what's this?? The sky lightening? The sun peeking through the clouds? By the time I got across the soccer field and into the park, the sun was shining brightly! I really think this is mama nature's way of encouraging my walks. :) Oh, and there were lots of sweet baby duckies in the pond today which
made me long for my poor, waterlogged camera once again. Sigh. I really tried to push myself to walk quickly. Oh, lol...and I have to thank my all-time favourite blogger, author of My Life on a Diet.  She posted about how her personal trainer always tells her to squeeze her butt muscles whenever she walked the treadmill, or did pretty much any other exercise. Proof is in the puddin', she reports her backside looks great! So there I was walking the pond circuit, admiring baby duckies,  squeeezing as I took each step. Thanks Webmom30! My rear thanks you too. :)

So, a brisk walk for 35 mintues (with my little bursts of jogging!), that's pretty good for a day's exercise, yes? Ahh, but I didn't stop there! Uh uh...nooo. I decided to ride the bike too. I did 30 minutes, and moved up to the 5 lb weights. OMG...did I ever feel the difference!! I like to use the weights almost through the whole workout (chest presses, bicep curls,, butterflies and whatever else I feel like doing). Usually I do 10 reps of each and repeat until time's up. Oh man, the fiver feels so heavy right now! My heart rate increased with the effort, plus I tried to keep the speed at 20 again. Did some at level 4 as well. I pedaled 8.6 kilometers this time. I may just try to do 10k in the future, at least for a while, rather than worry about the time. 

I am happy that I downed so much water today, and it really wasn't that onerous. I wish I had eaten more fruits and veggies though. Still workin' on that one people. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 210

Exercise: 65 min. moderate-high intensity


SquirrelQueen said...

Looks like you're on the right track. The only suggestion I would have is to try adding a salad with the pizza, but then I a veggie-aholic. BTW, That is a adorable cat in the photo.

TC said...

I am so with you on that one. I felt bad not eating SOME sort of vegetation with my meal. I wish I like veggies more. I think I need to try some new ones.

Thanks for the advice. :)

Oh, and Mo is ridiculously cute, but she's also very crazy and high strung. Jason isn't talking to her anymore. I still love her though!

chicamom85 said...

Nice job on exercising, that one is my biggest problem.

RFlatstone said...

I was laughing so hard at the butt clenching! It reminded me of an old Eddie Murphy sketch where he talks about white people walking with tight butts. Still, it does sound like a good idea.

Christine said...

You need moooooooooore calories ......!!!!

TC said...

Yeah, I kinda figured that. I don't feel like I'm depriving myself of food though.