Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 23: Measurements and stuff

Today I noticed that the jeans I bought a few months ago are looser! Yes! They are falling down a wee bit now...may have to get a belt. A BELT! To keep up my PANTS! Just makes me oddly happy. Also, I have this really cute button-up top that I bought a size too small so it would fit in the waist even though it wouldn't button at the bust. buttoned! I did some measurements a while ago, and it seems I've lost 1.5 inches around my chest and 1 inch each off my arms and thighs! Coool! The waist and hip measurement is maybe 1/2 inch down. If I am feeling brave, I will post my measurements...maybe in 20 lbs or so. :P OH! And I wanted to take before pics for y'all, but as I mentioned in a previous blog, I drowned my camera. :( I will take some as soon as we get a new one. 

Today was a good day for eating...mostly because I ditched the carrots and ate sweet, delicious grapes instead. Mmmm. I was also able to eat cereal again, Raisin Bran this time (and yay it was on sale, so I have two boxes! No more breakfast crises for while.). I had yogurt and and a handful of almonds for a snack after work- a time I am usually hungry enough to eat a couch cushion. Dinner tonight was the leftover roast chicken, salad, corn, baked potato and a few spoonfuls of my macaroni salad. Devil tasty, but not not good for me! I was a bit full after, and I didn't even eat all of my potato! I am trying to listen for my body to tell me when I am full. Takes practice. I didn't drink enough water today, though. I had a headache. I am trying to drink some now, but I really have to do better on this one! I know drinking water helps me lose weight.

Ramping...did I say something about ramping yesterday? I believe I did! On the bike today, I made a very good effort to stay around 20 (I think that's kilometers/hr?), and I could really feel it. I've been doing mostly resistance level 3, with some 4 interspersed for added leg torture. I noticed that when I did the level 4 for a bit longer, it got easier. I want to work up to doing mostly 4 and 5. I can really feel my leg muscles now! Gettin' hard as rocks! Well, rocks with some cushy fat on them. Used the light weights again, but I'm thinkin' I will bring out the bigger ones for next time. I did 30 minutes and "rode" 7.5 kilometers. 

Tomorrow is walk day...but it may rain. EEP

Stats for the day:

Weight: 210  (there ya go!)

Exercise: 30 min. high intensity


chicamom85 said...

Good job, congrats! I am struggling right now and need some inspiration.

Thank you

coloradosugar said...

You are doing great!!!:) Keep up the good work. Did it rain today?:) Also thank you for reading my blog...I need all the input I can get these days.

RFlatstone said...

“…and it seems I've lost 1.5 inches around my chest…” Tragic. Just tragic. Well, we knew their would be casualties when this Battle of the Bulge began. So sad.

But, hey, you are at the good point. You are seeing the results. That is super. I’m so happy for you! Keep it up, T!

Christine said...

I was waiting for things to get a bit loser!! I just knew it would happen!! The scale is not such a good indicater .... the clothes tell all!