Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Day 22: Got some ramping up to do...

Yes, you heard me. Gotta. Ramp. It. Up. I think the bod is getting a bit complacent with my current exercise regime. I was concentrating so much on just GETTING OFF THE BLASTED COUCH and working out...I haven't thought about pushing myself. At first, any exercise was new, so it was pushing me. Now, three weeks later, it's barely registering. Of course, dear reader, you know that this just sucks rotten lemons for me, 'cause I hate exercising and this means I have to do MORE!! Kill me now. Quickly. Or at least before tomorrow so I don't have to work out again. 

I think I am getting a bit lax with the eating too. Not that I am coming anywhere near close to my old portion sizes, but I think I can make better choices. Then maybe that darn scale will stop thumbing its nose at me and MOVE. 

Today I had no cereal. I KNOW. Tragical. I had to scour the cupboards for an alternative breakfast food.  Hmm...crackers? No. Soup? Ew no. Herbal tea? What am I a supermodel? No. 
I had nothin'. I had to break down and have toast. The good thing was it was all multigrain-y healthy goodness. But then, I had to put peanut butter on it. I KNOW, bad. But, as  nod to the calorie gods, I put this pathetic little skim coat of the stuff on there. Good enough, I say. At work, I totally forgot about my oh-so-beloved carrots. How could I?!? I did eat my nutribar, and then headed out for my walk. It was  a bit chilly starting out, and I wished I hadn't second-guessed myself about bringing a jacket. But, the sun was shining, and I was moving, so it was better after about five minutes. Don't laugh, but once I was in a fairly secluded part of the path, I started jogging. I said don't laugh!! It was just for a few seconds here or there. Felt pretty silly jogging in my jeans holding a water bottle. Yeesh. I do plan on trying the whole running thing, but I think I will do it on a track...in exercise clothes perhaps. Rebel. 

Once I got home I was really missing those carrots in my belly. We had to go grocery shopping, duh, no cereal! C'mon, how can I live?! I decided to be frugal and grabbed those old carrots and brought them with me in the car. Halfway through our shopping excursion, I was very hungry again. I don't think I have to tell you how much it sucks to be hungry in a grocery store. Cookies? I want those! Rows and rows of chocolate, candy, licorice and chips? I want those too!! Yes, all of them! I'll get a pallet and one of those loader thingies...rent a big truck and haul it home to feast on...no problem! But...alas...no. I didn't buy any cookies, or chips, or licorice, or chocolate (woe for the chocolate). I bought salad. And vegetables. And grapes (thank GOD for the grapes...buh- bye carrots!). For dinner we got another roast chicken. It's so good! Jason is getting a bit sick of it, but I love it. It's great to have so much left over for another dinner too. Lazybones that I am. :)

I waited a while to digest, and then rode the bike for about 20 minutes. Not a lot, but on top of my walk, it's pretty good. 

I may have to start doing my step during the week. Urg.

Thanks again for following me, dear reader. Hope to see you again soon. :)

Stats for the day:

Weight: 211 (ARRRGGGHHHHHHH!!!!! Don't worry...I'm not freaking out. I know it could be gained muscle and all that. )

Exercise: 50 min. moderate intensity


SquirrelQueen said...

I saw your post in the coffee shop, congrats on the 100 plus visitors to your blog.
Looks like you've got a good program and a great attitude. Count me in as a follower.

RFlatstone said...

Okay, so you’ve hit the plateau. You should be encouraged, really. Think about it. The things that used to tax you are easier now. That alone is worthwhile. If you think about it, I bet you’d realize that walking from your car to class, walking up and down stairs, all of it is less of a strain. You don’t get out of breath as easily, do you? That’s good!

Ew, jogging. I just won’t do it. My knees can’t take it. Of course, I’m carrying over 300 lbs. Still, I just don’t think the human body was built for running. It’s just not good. Walk and ride!

You’re doing great, T, and you look great, too! You should be proud.