Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 16: Still in this thing, baby!

Today was a good day, I think. I did feel a bit hungrier today than yesterday, but I still managed to evade the snack monster. :) That wicked Snack Monster did grab those 100 calorie pack bags of Doritos I have in the cupboard and REALLY tried to sway me, but I was stronger. You may be shocked to hear this, but I also have a HUGE bar of dark chocolate in that very same cupboard. I bought it because I wanted to try this chocolate cookie recipe I saw TV chef Michael Smith make a while back on ye olde Food Network. Funny, but I'm not really tempted to break it open and gorge. Considering I'd pretty near kill my best friend for a chocolate fix sometimes, this is a bit of a surprise.

Ok, so what DID I eat today? Hmmm...breakfast was All Bran's Strawberry Medley- very high fiber, and tasty too. I had my nutribar for lunch and carrots for a snack (hey, I'm nothing, if not predictable!). I made my carrots last today, and that helped with hunger a bit. Although, I was quite hungry when I got home, as usual. I had my last applesauce cup and some more almonds. I still felt hungry after, so I drank a glass of water, and that did the trick! Cooool. Dinner was chicken fajitas. I had three, but they were fairly small. I treated myself a little bag my high-fiber chocolate cookies for dessert. 

That brings me to my favourite part of my day...exercise. So you may be wondering, "Did she do it for another day??" The answer is YES, I did. Not happily, and certainly not with a song in my heart, but I did it. I had a date with the bike and my weights and, yes, a little Gossip Girl. 

I read a little article on willpower today. It was kind of interesting, since I am exerting some every time I look in the cupboard, or walk past packages of chocolate cookies. The basic premise of the article was that when we deny ourselves something, or exert willpower, it is harder to deny ouselves something else later on. So if you say, go shopping and deny yourself a new DVD, when it comes to your diet later, you might have a harder time saying no to ice-cream for dessert. Scientists think it may have something to do with blood sugar levels and the chemicals in the brain used when controlling impulses. The good news is that it seems like the more we exert willpower, the better we get at it. For example, the psychologists who did the study noticed that people who kept to an exercise program for two months spent money less impulsively, reduced alcohol and junk food intake, studied more, watched less TV and did more housework. (Jason, don't get any ideas on that housework part! :P) Sounds good to me! 

Here's the URL to the full article if you are interested in reading it:

I suppose that leaves me only with....

Stats for the day:

Weight: 211 (oh, I know any day now it's going to creeeeep downward to that 10!!)

Exercise: 30 min. moderate-high intensity


Graham Librarian said...

Keep up the hard work! You can do it. Jicama is a nice vegetable to snack on if you want to try something different.

RFlatstone said...

Spotted: Gorgeous Canadian woman looking better and better every day! What’s her secret? Is it just diet and exercise? Good genes? Good jeans? Find out for yourself at Tammy's Tale: A Weight Loss Journey. Pounds may fade with the season, but some friendships are year round. Like you and me! You know you love me. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

TC said...

LOL! Awesome very own Gossip Girl blurb! :) Your rock mister! :)