Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 15: Electric Boogaloo

Don't ask...honestly.

Today was fairly unremarkable. I still feel I am doing well with my eating, except maybe that I could be eating more fruit and veggies, of course. Usual breakfast and lunch and carotty goodness today. Snack was applesauce and about 10 almonds. That's an estimate, btw...I'm not quite anal enough to count them. I was on my own for dinner tonight since my hardworking honey took an extra shift. Way to win that bread baby! I was really uninspired to make a meal for one, and I couldn't bring myself to open a can of soup, so I fell back on an old standby...god...I hate to even type it....pizza pops. God. I KNOW. Not good. The calorie count for two isn't bad, it's the total lack of nutritional value and high fat content that gets me. I hang my head in a wee bit o' shame on that one. I bought them BEFORE the weight loss thing...and..and...well...er...yeah. I ate them. Today I noticed I didn't feel that hungry, or maybe it's that I am not noticing I am hungry as much. When I feel hungry, I generally eat something. Of course, I am hungry NOW, but I'm not going to eat since it's after 10 p.m. 

I thought about working out right after work, but that thought passed out of my head quickly...it fairly sprinted outta there.  Please don't despair, fair reader. I did work out eventually. After trying on all my summer clothes I had hidden away for the winter. I was trying to see if they fit any different than last summer. Methinks I saw a difference in a few things. Nothing big. I think they will be fitting a lot differently in the summer though. I still want to get below 200 lbs by the end of June. Yes, so anyway, after the clothesfest, I rode the bike for 30 minutes while watching a movie on my laptop. 

I was commenting to a friend today that I haven't missed a workout in 15 days now. Wow. He expressed some worry that I should take some days off in between or I might burn out. I thought about that, but I don't think my workouts are hardcore enough to warrant a rest. Sometimes my exercise is just a walk, or a 20 minute jaunt on the bike. I am trying to do a few more intense workouts throughout the week though. 

I wish I didn't hate exercise. 

I do though. 


A lot. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 211

Exercise: 30 minutes moderate-high intensity


RFlatstone said...

Pizza pops? That doesn’t sound very appetizing? I’m picturing frozen pizza on a stick, like some sort of pizza freezer lolly! However, there are these jalapeƱo poppers in my freezer just waiting for an appropriate cheat day. That is, when I’ve EARNED a cheat day!

It’s so funny that you said “Please don't despair, fair reader,” because I actually was! I thought “NO! You’ve been on such a great roll.” Besides, I had JUST commented your previous entry commending you on your work(out) ethic. Oh, I’m so glad you did, though! I really are awesome. I admire you SO much!

You know, if you were doing a lot of weight work, I would agree that you need a break every other day, but they say you should do cardio work everyday, which is what it sounds like you are doing. Think about it this way – cardio exercise is a double benefit. First, it burns more calories than you would just sitting around (which gets you that much closer to your goal). Secondly, regular cardio helps set your metabolism higher so that you actually do burn more calories the times that you are just sitting around.

If it helps, think of your mission like that Police song. Every step you take, every move you make, you are burning calories. If you do 20 minutes on the bike, that’s that many more calories you would not have burned watching Gossip Girl (Not that you can’t watch Gossip Girl WHILE riding your bike – it’s just wasted time if you don’t). Every bite of something you don’t eat is that many fewer calories – whether it’s not eating popcorn at the cinema or eating half a muffin instead of a whole one.

And you yourself said you should be eating more fruits and vegetables. If you keep focusing on the things NOT to do, you can get pretty negative. Every time you don’t eat something, sure you are taking in less calories, but you are also that much more hungry – much harder to maintain and keep from bingeing, plus being hungry works AGAINST the metabolism, making it slow down to conserve energy. You want lots of fruits and vegetables to tell you body, “Don’t worry. We’re not going to starve. Burn it freely, and I will keep you full.” It’s just a matter of keeping it full of the right foods – things that are filling, but low in calories.

Oh, and I wanted to tell you something and keep forgetting. I was chatting you up in my exercise class on Monday. Were your ears ringing (or palms itching or whatever the idiom is)? I was telling everyone about your blog and how inspiring it is. All agreed that accountability is very helpful.

So, keep it up, Miss. You are doing wonderful things – and not just for yourself!

RFlatstone said...

Oh, and I have to share a ha-ha about this blog. It makes me enter a confirmation phrase as confirmation – some sort of security, spam filtery thing. Some of the nonsense words are so funny. I just had to enter “blurg” LOL that just sounds funny. Well, I had to enter three others, but “blurg” kind of stays with me!

RFlatstone said...

And how did I not comment on Electric Boogaloo? Well, I guess I don't have to, right? LOL

"I believe in the beat!
I believe in the way I feel!
When I'm dancing it seems like
Everything's so right..."

Yes, that is from memory, and NOT because I just saw the movie again last week.

TC said...

LOL! Troy, you crack me up! Thank you for continuing to read along and for your words of encouragement! Pizza Pops are not that appetizing, to be sure. It's what I call "lazy food". I would eat them when was just too lazy to make anything else. Sooo bad!

I KNEW you wouldn't pass up Electric Boogaloo...how could you?!!