Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 17: No rest for the weary

Yes, a lil' bit tired today, my friends. Not that it wasn't a good day, though. I am just having a very hard time getting myself to work out every day. I didn't set out thinking, "Hey, I am going to work out every day!" It has just...happened. Now,  since it's gathered this sort of momentum, I feel almost obligated to continue!  What happy mess have I gotten myself into? This girl who truly hates to sweat! Sheesh. I've said this before, but  I would really hate to not work out because my butt was too firmly glued to the couch. There will be a day that I'm just too busy, or I'm sick or some such thing, and then I won't work out. Until then, this die-hard couch-riding bag of lazy bones is going to work out every day!! 

On an unrelated note, I have been out in the bloggosphere of late, checking out my fellow bloggers. I have found several awesome blogs out there. I am so amazed at the quality of writing that I've found! If you get the chance, I hope you will check out the blogs I am following- they all deserve a good read. :) Oh! And if you check out wayyyyy at the bottom of my blog, you will see I've added a counter. I am so new, I am inordinately proud of this small addition. 

Alrighty...da bidness: I hate to be boring, but my breakfast, lunch and snacks were all identical to yesterday's. Cereal, carrots, nutribar, applesauce, almonds. I am Ms. Excitement! Dinner was steak (size of my palm, oh yeah, I know the rule), baked potato, salad and corn. Gooood stuff. 

I put off working out until after I digested said dinner. I don't LOVE to work out late, but it's better than nothing. I'm so not motivated to work out right after work. Uh uh. So around 8-ish I got on that darn bike and did 20 minutes with the weights (1.1 lbs- I have some heavier ones I will use soon, I think). Tomorrow, I want to do my walk around the park. I haven't had a chance to do that all week. Now, if only I could have some sort of music on these walks. I've been telling Jason I want one of those nifty new iPod Shuffles. It's cuter than a bug's ear, I tell ya. It's the size of a house key and has voice technology, so it will tell you the name of the song and artist you are listening to and even run through your playlists, too. Funky monkey! Gotta love the modern technology. If you get it through Apple, you can get free engraving on it. Oh yeah, I want one.  It's almost $100 you say? Pshaw. Totally worth it! Now, just have to convince my hubby of same. Hmmm.....

Stats for the day:

Weight: 211

Exercise: 20 min. moderate intensity 


AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

TAMMYYYY you have an award to pick up on :)

Keep up the good work:)

TC said...

Thank you thank you!! Such a sweet award :) :)

Christine said...

YHEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Day 17!!!!!! Whoo-Hooooooo!!!!!!!!!! Bouncing up and down for joy on my Tigger Tail!!!!!!!!!!!!

The day you do not exercise .... You will mourn it ..... It’s weird.

E_M_Y said...

Well done!
I have no idea how, but i seem to be one of the most motivated people in my school!
Thanks for following :)

RFlatstone said...

A new iPod Shuffle? Tiffany! Yeah, Baby! That's some good work out music. Or Michael Bolton. Okay, maybe not. Lots of Survivor and Journey, I say, for working out!

By the way, I know it's just forced perspective in that picture, but your cat looks HUGE. That might be a whole separate blog, though! LOL

Seriously, though. You are doing great and you inspire me so much. Scratch that. You SHAME me! Keep it up!

TC said...

Shame you?? I think not! I could SO rock out to TIffany...or you may just see me writhing on the ground, ears bleeding. Ditto for Bolton. :P

The cat IS huge...she's the size of a PINTO. Lol...ok, she's actually cat-sized. She is crazy, however. Cute exterior hides insanity well. Yes?