Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day Two: Ow this kinda hurts!

Oy...I can't believe that my legs hurt from WALKING!! Has it been that long since I used those muscles?!?!? I really noticed it walking up the stairs. Ouchy

Aside from the occasional muscle twinge, today was a good day two. I had my usual breakkie and lunch, and brought carrots  for a snack. Wednesdays are my school's short day, so things went by so fast.  I didn't really have time to feel hungry! I ended up eating half the carrots after school while I walked through the mall to my hair appointment (hair looks fab, btw). I was hungry when I got home, so I ate the rest. Dinner was a bit of a worry for me today. Before this whole weight-loss thang, we'd bought cheese tortellini and Alfredo sauce. Eeeeep! So, that's what we had. So to mitigate the calorie overload of this combination, I had a small portion. MUCH smaller than the heaping plate I would normally have! As my nod to veggies (which , dear reader, I really hate) I ate a garden salad and a few more carrots. I had one and a bit pieces of bread. Usually I would scarf three at least! 

I have to say, I really hate the "d" word. Yes, dominos. I don't believe in 'em. Nope. Thus, I am trying to apply a lil' portion control to my eating and not eating the same amount as my giant of a man hubby. 

Did I tell you my favourite no-guilt dessert? Hmm...I think no. Well, I have a raging sweet tooth that rivals any crack addict's need for, well, crack. I feel very unsatisfied if I don't eat something sweet after dinner. I start getting jittery and look in the cupboards for chocolate things...or I start contemplating making cookies. So, instead of eating chocolate, or cookies, or cake or any of the other delights I crave, I have a low-fat fudge pop! 40 calories. Mmmm. And if I am really jonesin' I will eat two. Crazy, I know. 

That leads me to my exercise for the day. old friend exercise. How I love thee...not at all. Yup, that's right folks...she hates vegetables and exercise. Awwwesome. But, I do it. And I did do it today! Yayy!! 

No walk due to the aforementioned short day, but once home, I rode my exercise bike for half an hour whilst watching the British series Coupling on my laptop (Thanks Troy!). It was a nice distraction from sore muscles and the lack of desire to be pedaling. I always use free weights when I ride the bike, too. I can burn more calories and tone my upper body, so why not? I really only wanted to do 20 mins, but I decided I wanted to do 30+ minutes of exercise more than I wanted to be a lazy ass. I finished off with a rather tiring session of hula hoop on the Wii (only slightly distracted from hip rotations by husband cursing for not being able to find the phone bill!). Then I weighed myself...and the Wii says I lost 2.5 lbs! Whatever...probably not real weight loss...we shall see! 

Overall, it was a pretty easy day to get through. I didn't feel really really hungry, and I exercised longer than I expected. Woo hoo

I think I'm going to have my fudge pop now. Ohhh yeah. 

Stats for the day:

Weight: 215

Exercise: 37 min. moderate to high intensity


RFlatstone said...

My day started well, but I've identified a stumbling block: Game Night. One of the guys brought cookies, and my wife made, you know, those snack poppers and cheese sticks and chicken strips and stuff. Yeah, I blew it. Oh well, today was my "cheat" day. I'll have to be good all week and the weekend now.

You should be encouraged; you're doing great! - but pray for me!

TC said...

Good luck for next week then! I'll be checkin' up on you! :)

Christine said...

Ice cream is my big down fall ..... ahhhhhhh.

Glad I found your blog ... I can relate.

We started eating healthier, better portions, and of course my hubby is dropping his belly in no time!

Fantastic job on the smaller portion instead of the norm! Give yourself pat on the back!

TC said...

Christine- thanks! I'm glad you found me. :) Ohh isn't it maddening how guys can do that? My husband is the same way!

Hope you'll check back in from time to time. :)