Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day Three: So far so good!

Ahhh day three....lovely to see you! Another good day, I think. Wow, if every day is good, this blog might get kinda boring...hmm...maybe I have to add some drama! 

Eating for today was pretty on-par with yesterday. I had my cereal (All Bran Strawberry Bites...mmmm) and nutribar for lunch and carrots for a snack at work.  By the time I got home, my belly was a-rumblin'. This after-work hunger thing really sucks! I feared eating more raw carrots would put me in the mind to never eat a carrot again, so I was quite relieved when I spied a nice little zero fat yogurt in the fridge, and had that. Dinner today was a nice surprise. Jason made it! Gotta love that! I think there are fewer calories in food you don't make yourself, yes? We usually share dinner-making duties, but when he makes stew, it's allll him. I just stand around and inhale a lot. The house smelled so good when I got home! So, I had bowl of beef stew with lotsa veggies: carrots, celery, green beans and potatoes. I know you've heard my stance on vegetables and may be wondering how I could eat that, but, thankfully, these are the ones I don't mind eating! We also had french bread (again...huh...maybe we are eating a bit too much of this stuff!) and I had two small pieces to soak up the yummy broth. 

Again, I will say I am not dieting here. I am eating smaller portions and snacking less on fattening (but oh-so-delicious) food. Portion-wise I am really cutting back. In the past, I would eat until I felt really really full. Now, I'm trying to eat until I feel satisfied and no longer hungry. I am also trying not to eat when I'm not hungry...also very guilty of that. Boredom eating- I can't think of something to do, so I'll eat a cookie! Oh, I'm much more bored than that. How about 5? Watching TV? Eat some chips! Oh, I ate the whole bag without realizing it? Darn. I think we will try not to have the tempting food in the house to help with this. 

Ahh exercise. Did I exercise today? Why, yes I did! Today is my work day two, so I decided to walk to the park again. Jason was off today, so I asked him- in a flash of brilliance- to come to the school and walk with me! Lucky me, I have a sweet hubby, and he said yes. :) I met him outside the school and we walked the park together. It was another beautiful day, too, so that was a bonus. Jason really liked the park...I hope he'll join me again whenever he can. The funniest part of our walk was seeing some of my students skateboarding. I could see that "teachers aren't supposed to exist outside of school!" look on their faces. I know I will be bombarded with questions on Monday.  Like, "Was that your husband?" and of course, "Wow, how tall is he??" I love to weird-out the children. 

Where was I? Oh yes, exercise! When I got home, I also fired up the Wii for some hula action. Gotta say, I really feel it in my abs! 

One bad thing I discovered Payless "running" shoes are not the best thing to wear when walking on pavement. Yeah, I'm a little shin-splinty I think. I noticed about 1/2 way through the walk they were getting quite sore. I think I will actually have to spend some money on decent running shoes/cross trainers. 

So that's day three done! Why do I feel like I've been doing this longer than three days? That may not be a good thing! I am already thinking that familiar thought, "Ok, so I'm working hard...when will I see results?!!?" Patience, Grasshopper, patience. 

Oh, and I wanted also to mention that I got kinda misty-eyed yesterday after receiving some wonderful feedback from my friends. You all rock! I was a bit scared to share this, but now I am very glad that I have. :) Warm fuzzy feelings all around. 

Stats for the day: 

Weight: 214.5

Exercise: 42 min. moderate intensity


RFlatstone said...

You're doing great! Keep it up, T!

You would have been proud of me today. I went to the cafĂ© at the office, and got in line for a really yummy looking taco salad … ground beef, cheddar cheese, sour cream, etc. served in a fried tortilla shell bowl. And I DIDN’T go through with it! I had oatmeal instead. Okay, so it’s not huge, but it’s a victory.

TC said...

Awesome Troy! Even a small victory is a victory! :) Those little ones add up too!

Christine said...

Happy Bounce! YHEAAAAAAA!!!!!
Now .... I have to have stew .... TONIGHT!! LOL!
Good job and a better eating style ... healthier is better!
And if you are going to buy shoes .... invest in them .... it will be worth it!

TC said...

Thanks Christine, you are a very wise woman! Shoes are worth it every time. :)