Friday, April 24, 2009

Day Four: Temptations..not just Motown anymore....

Greetings on this day the fourth of my lonnng journey to shed some pounds. As the title of this post may have indicated, there were a few temptations today. I ate my cereal this morning and brought my nutribar and carrots for lunch. Today was a Professional Development day for us lucky teachers. Lotsa meetings  and, of course, temptation! There is always a breakfast for us on these days, and today was no different. I walked into the staff room with trepidation in my heart. What sugary treats would I see? I looked at the table  laden with food and saw it. My old nemesis: the chocolate chip muffin.  I forced my gaze from the sweet, chocolaty goodness (badness!!) and instead walked back out the door. PHEW! Bullet dodged...all limbs intact. :) Later, we had a snack break and I grabbed some grapes and walked around the school with some colleagues. Lunch was as usual, and I ate my oh-so yummy carrots along with it. Yes, I am getting tired of carrots...very. 

I was worried about dinner since we were going to my mother-in-law's for a little BBQ. I was fairly confident I could control my portions though, and I did! I had a burger, a salad of mixed-green  and a small spoonful of potato salad (evil, but so good!). Normally, I would have had a burger, and maybe also a hot dog and wayyyy more potato salad. Nena, my MIL, dropped a teensy bomb on me at one point. She had the fixin's for peanut buster parfaits! (Er...sorry, if that's some sort of copyright infringement on Dairy Queen). Mmmm ice-cream. Or, should I say, "temptation #2"!! When it came time to dish up, I took a very small scoop and a dab of hot fudge sauce. Hey, I'm not here to deprive myself completely! It was cold, creamy and sweet...and brief. I am not totally happy with my eating today, but I'm not terribly unhappy either. :)

As I wrote that, I realized that I haven't felt "full" in four days! Huh. Now, hunger I have felt. Not as bad as I imagined though. In the old days (of, sayyyy, last week), I hated to be hungry. If I felt even a momentary twinge of hunger I would search out a snack. I loved those 100 calorie bags of Doritos or cookies. I may still fall back on those, snack-wise, but I think I will try a healthier snack choice first. Hmm...hungry now. Lol...all this food talk!!!

I am quite proud of myself for working out today, I must say. Normally if I was going out after work, I would blow it off. Not enough time...I'd want to just relax after work, whatever, just "insert excuse here." Today, I was determined, knowing the BBQ was ahead, that I WOULD work out. I fired up the ol' Wii and did a weigh-in. I know some people only like to weigh themselves in the mornings, but I figure if I do it at the same time of day, afternoons are ok too. The first weighing was WAY off. It had me down 5.5 lbs. Um. Sure. I must have moved or something and thrown off the machine. I tried again and it came up with a more reasonable number. Then I hula hooped my way through  7 minutes. I am waiting for this to get easier! Will keep you posted on that. Next, it was to the bike. I have a recumbent bike, as I find them easier on bum and back. This time I watched a little Gossip Girl (ahh guilty pleasure). Had the free weights going as well. I think they are only 2 lbs. I have some heavier ones I may try later. I may be imagining things, but I think I feel more muscle tone in my legs and arms already! I know my body looooves to put on muscle, but this is fast

Overall, I'm pleased with the day, and my restraint against those temptations...working out despite having to go out after work. Yay me! :) Tomorrow brings new challenges to face. I am going out for lunch and dinner. Eeeeeep!!! My first time at a restaurant since this thing began. plus, the only time I will be able to work out is in the morning (which I loathe).  WISH ME LUCK PEOPLE!!! 

Stats for the Day: 

Weight: 214

Exercise: 32 min. moderate intensity


LV said...

love reading about your journey! i have complete faith in you that will succeed! x

TC said...

Thanks so much LV! I appreciate the feedback and the faith!! :)

RFlatstone said...

I know how those temptations can be. It can be really hard. You just have to keep your eye on the prize. And you can't just not think about it. Get a healthy snack, do some walking, anything positive.

You're doing great, T. Keep it up!