Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Five: Stayin' alive

I do love a good rhyme people...

Ahhhhh....what can I say about today?? Well, it wasn't a great day and it wasn't a terrible day. I knew it would be a challenge going out twice to eat in one day, and I was right. Oy. Ok, so let's just get down and dirty. I ate breakfast, which was a heroic feat because I had NO time this morning. So cereal was consumed at about 9:30. I was fine until lunch...most likely 'cause I was rushing around (as I am wont to do). My lunch date with two lovely friends was at a restaurant called Sammy J. Peppers. I was immediately confronted by a weeee bit of peer pressure to order a drink. I had water. Then I dove into the menu and tried to find something that wouldn't make me feel horrible afterwards from eating it. I think the pressure got to me a bit, 'cause I ended up ba bum...chicken strips and fries. I KNOW...not the best choice. I thought about a salad, but I generally hate restaurant salads. :( Ok, so I am still pretty happy since I didn't eat all the fries, and no drink. I drank three glasses of water instead...which garnered a bit of attention from our sweet waitress. She commented that she sure did refill that glass a lot. She figured I was the DD or something since I was  the only one not drinking, which let to a brief mention that I am trying to watch what I eat (and drink!), which led to her telling me about her current diet and plans to gorge on pasta on her "cheat day"!! Is everyone trying to lose weight here people!?!? I'm beginning to think that the whole world is trying to shrink down.  Ok, lunch done, nothin' too bad. I had a few hours at home between my (long) lunch outing and dinner. We went to Earls, a place I haven't visited in a lonnng time. I ordered a cajun chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato on a whole wheat bun (OMG so good! My new favourite sandwich!!!!). Again, I didn't order the salad (which turned out to be an apple cider vinagrette thing with apples and walnuts...which may make some people go "oooh!" but just makes me go "ewww"). So the sandwich came with fries....again with the fries! Ahhhh! I hardly ever eat french fries and here they cross my plate TWICE in one day! Small victory is I barely ate any, and once Jason had finished his weird apple salad, he ate them for me. Sweet guy eh? :) THEN it was back to my friend's house for some games....and...oh dear lord I can't even say it....chocolate cake with PEANUT BUTTER ICING!! Ok, lets focus on the victories here. I ate raw veggies instead of chips...yup...not one salty crisp slice of potato goodness crossed my lips! I did have a drink, since I hadn't in the afternoon, again, not here to deprive myself completely! Then it was cake time Ohh boy. Since it was my friends belated b-day cake I had a small piece. Not so bad. 

Ok, so it wasn't a perfect day for eating BUT I snacked only on veggies,  had only one drink, and I didn't finish either meal I ordered. I think that's pretty darn good! 

Exercise was hard today. VERY. I had to work out as soon as I got up or I wouldn't have time to. I knew if I left it for afternoon, I wouldn't do it. So, I hopped on the bike and pedaled like mad and didn't put down the weights for 20 minutes. Hardcore bike baby! Boooya! 

Tomorrow I am going to try to do an hour workout. Ooooh. 

Until tomorrow then...

Stats for the day:

Weight: 214

Exercise: 20 min. high intensity

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RFlatstone said...

The big thing that stands out to me is working in the work out. That is awesome! You're doing a lot better than I am. Keep it up. I'm so happy for you. Only good can come of all this!